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info on jelqing with the PJ device???

info on jelqing with the PJ device???


I currently have the PJ device for jelqing (it has 2 rollers with a handle and when compressed it brings the 2 rollers together to give a jelq effect). I have 2 questions, so hopefully anyone who has lots of experience can lend some advice and help:

1) Would it be better to do not only the top and bottom but also the sides with the PJ device so that your doing all over rather than on the top and bottom?

2) If you’ve got foreskin, then alot of times it feels like the skin is just moving forward rather than doing anything to the actual internal tissue, how do I know if I”m wasting my time or if it’s doing anything, especially if the foreskin is pulling forward over the head?

It does make some sense that using the PJ “sideways” would target the areas that need to be squeezed. Many find it difficult to do since the PJ wants to twist the penis to get the “flat” side against the rollers. It can be done and is actually a bit safer since the nerves and arteries on the dorsal (top) side of the penis are not directly compressed. Try to use less force and steady the base with your other hand.

If you pull the loose skin toward the base of the penis, not necessarily exposing the glans, but just get the excess to the bottom, the PJ can be used effectively. The rollers do not have to turn. Using the skin as a “sliding surface” and squeezing hard enough to compress the corpora cavernosa will allow the PJ to do its job.

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