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How does inflammation and/or soreness on the penis affect collagen tissues, and other penile tissues? Does it cause an anabolic response(gains)?

Inflammation in collagenous tissue is a sign of a pathologic process. Collagenous tissue like tunica is similar to tendon. You don’t want an inflammed tendon, I guess.

An ‘anabolic reponse’ is something more appliable to muscular tissue than to penile tissue. Anyway even if ‘anabolic reponse’ would be appliable, it would mean a stronger tunica. A stronger tunica is harder to stretch. So probably eliciting an anabolic reponse wouldn’t be a good idea if you want a bigger penis.

Thanks for the response.

Nothing to mention. :)

What about soreness from a girth routine? Is it a bad sign?

Any living tissues exposed to a new level/kind of stress gets damaged. This micro-damage is the threshold of a new adaptation. If said tissue has nerves, some soreness will be felt the first times it gets damaged. Of course a light soreness is ok; pain is never ok : in bodybuilding you can think ‘Oh my biceps hurt as hell, that’s good they are going to grow bigger-.’ - in PE, this kind of perspective is not advisable.

Generally, after some weeks of consistent PE you don’t get anymore soreness. If you still get, maybe you should lighten a bit.

Again, thanks.


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