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Inflamed vein

Inflamed vein

Hi guys.
I have been doing the newbie routine for a while now and love it.
My problem is that I am cut and just below my glands I have one vein that still bubbles out after jelquing.
It is not sore but it swells up at the end of where I have been cut.
It is as if the flow of blood has been stopped due to my circumcision and it is inflaming one small vein.
I want to know if this is a concern.
I want to start clamping on a regular basis but after four months this bloody vein still hasn’t gotten use to jelquing.
I don’t get red spots any more even after incorporating horse squeezes into my routine.

Should I up the game now or wait to this vein swelling stops.
It swells into a tiny lump but it goes away quickly.

I have tried clamped jelques 3 hours ago and it felt great my EQ is still good but that one vein is still inflamed but not sore.
I just don’t want to do an injury.
By morning I’m sure it will disappear, is this sort of thing normal with being circumcised when practicing manual PE.

Thanks in advance for any info guys.

I am circumcised also and I do not have this issue. I think you should try and figure out a way to ease this before moving on. Is it hard? How deep is it? Can you move it or is it stationary?
Continue with what your doing but experiment with massageing that spot first, using ice after PE to decrease the swelling, maybe heating directly on it.
I dont think you want it to become something serious that would require surgery to correct.

Good luck dymples.

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