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Indication of girth gain


Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel
I’m still confused.
I don’t see a girth increase when I’m JELQING.

Originally Posted by larslaukanen
Same here. I wonder if some have flexible tunicas, others (like us) tough ones. I’ve had good length gain, minuscule girth gain so far. Does it correlate, I wonder.

Same here too, even whilst clamping I don’t see any noticeable increase of girth. I really hope this is not an indication of future gains.:head:

Hum, that might unfortunately be a real indication. I didn`t gain any girth at all after months of jelqing, and 5-6 weeks of clamping : even while clamped really hard, the engorgement would not exceed .25 inches…

Okay. I measured to find an exact number. I am 5.1” girth normal erection.

When I squeeze blood into the unit really hard I am 5.8” . So it was not really an inch.

I did not mean exactly during the jelk session. But let say you grab the base and press blood into it and almost do an Uli. And then you measure in that state. And this was done after a jelk session so there is some swelling of course.

Danman it sounds like you don’t have a full erection. You’d benefit obviously from finding a way to fix that problem. Good luck.

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