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Indication of an Effective Jelq

Indication of an Effective Jelq

Hello all..

Just have a question to all the members out there—What do you feel are some ways that you know you’re doing a good jelq while your doing it (when your doing it right). For me, it has to be the actual feeling of the blood being squeezed up the shaft—it’s an actual distinct feeling.

Anything else to look for?

Also, is one day on/one day off good enough for a routine to get gains or is two on/one off alot better. Would love to hear from some of you guys with more experience than me.

I look for the same as you; pressure being built up in front of my hand. I adjust pressure and speed to get just the feeling I want.

Frequency of your routine is personal. Start one day on/one off and see if you gain. If there are no negative physiological indicators, increase the amount you are doing. Find out what works for you.

Man I never get this feeling. Does a lack of this sensation mean that I am not doing it right?

I feel like I’ve been trying for so long to just consistently get this feeling of blood flow but it seems like it’s been happening at random.

It might mean that you’re rushing it. Try to spend a good 5-10 seconds on each jelq. Nice. And. Slow. Quality and quantity!

Today I do what you will not so tomorrow I am able to do what you can not.

I spend 5 seconds (I watch my stop watch as I go) on each jelq and make it as thorough as fuck. I am recovering from a blood blister right now because I get such great pressure in my dick, I did gain almost 1/4 inch in girth in my first month back to PE so I must be doing something right though.

Don’t worry about what percentage people say, what speed people say, just do what you know feels like you’re working the shit out of your penis. It should feel bloated each jelq if you want girth.

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Yeah I’m actually glad that there are people who do not get this feeling because this really needs to be addressed that you can jelq for maybe 30 minutes and get no gain if you’re not doing it the right way. You really need to get the technique down and understand what it feels like to do it right in my opinion. And yeah, alot of pressure really isnt necessary, but the right kind is. You will know what is too much and what is just right when you get good at this. It sort of is a fine line between too much and just right though.

Also warm up is essential without a doubt. I don’t even do it because I think it will hurt more or I’ll be more prone to injuries if I don’t, (which I will) but I feel that you will unquestionably get a better jelq workout with a properly warmed up dick. I don’t like to wrap. I like to immerse into warm water—I feel it works better for me.

I feel the same pressure. One of the techniques that I find really is essential for me is that I try Kegel between each Jelq. By doing this you really force more blood into the shaft and I get an incredible pump. I have been doing PE when ever I can. Usually 2 on/ 1 off. But sometime that changes depending time. I am PEing on the down low so I don’t get as much time as I would like but I have seen some gain in the 3 months that I have been doing it.

Johnnno- A blood blister sounds intense. It sounds like you are working it to hard. It is one thing to get pressure but if you are getting that kind of injury then I would mellow it out a little.

Good luck and be consistent that is the really the most important thing.

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