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Index finger hurts when stretching

Index finger hurts when stretching

Is anyone feeling pain while stretching? At the end of my 40 second stretches I feel pain in my hand more on my index finger. This is why I was thinking of trying an ADS or hanging or using something to help my manual stretches. As soon as I finish the 40 seconds stretch my index finger sometimes won’t straighten easily. I think this may be because blood is not flowing to my index finger as much while stretching. I know I should only use the above when I plateau but damn I am only 28 and feel like I have arthritis on my index finger after a 40 second stretch. The pain goes away in a few seconds but it just bothers. Is anyone or has anyone experience this and has resolved it?

Same here, it still happens quite often when I’m pulling hard for an extended amount of time.

I have tried alternative ways to grip my penis and my efforts have been sucessful to some extent. Nonetheless, I believe that you will not entirely get rid of that problem.


Yes, I alternate both hands. Both index fingers hurt and cramp up a little. It usually tightens in the curved position for a few seconds before I can regain movement. Once the cramp is over it is back to normal. Does this sound crazy? Maybe I am squeezing too hard. I do not feel any pain on my penis just on the fingers. I have noticed, however, burgundy blotches on the shaft. Almost looks like bruises (black and blue) very small and they do not hurt. Anyone experience this? I think I am going to search the site for the blotches problem.

Mrdstein - you said you use alternative ways to grip your penis. Can you please share this with me?

A little jelqing (5-15 mins) for a couple days and some rest should clear up the little discoloration on the head blotches Triplexboogie. That’s what I do whenever that happens to my glans from hanging/manual stretching. Be sure if you jelq to squeeze the blood up the shaft all the way into the head and hold it there for a couple seconds if you are targeting the head…

Blotches are only on the shaft.

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