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Increasing Head Size?

Increasing Head Size?

Is there any way to increase head size? This is something I’ve been concerned with for some time now. The most I’ve seen is the mushroom cylinders used for pumping, but I’m not sure if those are proven to work. Has anyone had any luck with this?

Sadsak’s exercise is really effective. You can also try Jelgs. At the end of the each stroke when approaching the glans, give it a good squeeze (watch the pressure) for few seconds. Usually when exercising CS, the glans gets good workout too.

I practiced regularly this exercise without knowing it had a name. I thought I had invented it:) . I incorporated it into my routine for 7 or 8 months but I didn’t notice any visible gain. But it’s true than I probably did not enough.

Sutch little imagination thee is as far as head exercises go. Head size has always been a major sticking point for me so I developed my own methods. For starters saddens exercise is great but what if your penis is sore in other areas but your head is relatively under worked. What then it’s just sorry we don’t know?

Think about it like this with each jelq from base to head your penis stretches and expands but no matter how tight your grip blood will be forced towards the head with so much pressure it rushes through your grip and back towered the base. Now with each jelq you start with maximum amount of pressure you will ever have essentially a hold but as you progress blood oozes out little by little until the head receives the least amount of pressure.
So the first head exercise can be listed as a proper jelq where hand pressure is carefully monitored to be equal in all parts.

But wait wouldn’t you get more pressure if you started half an inch or so behind the head? My answer is an astounding HELL YES. Although ther is more to it than that as you can work the head from mid->head, midhead->head, and just behind the head->head. Utilize both hands to prevent unequal pressure on veins and both palm up and palm down positions.

I won’t go into major details or give you a routine because to each is own but I can grant you with the granddaddy finisher to all head moves.

Oh pretty pretty please tell me what you or secret move is GD.
Well essentially all generic noobies it’s something you have been using all along, the basic JELQ.

You see when you work one part of the foreword penis like for instance you do 100 head dry jelqs then you immediately do 100 midhead to head slow wet jelqs and finish it up with 100 full wet jelqs. Your have done 300 head jelqs, 200 mid to head jelqs, and 100 full wet jelqs.

My only precaution it that you perform head exercises carefully and slowly with just enough lube to prevent skin shearing blisters,tears, or inflammation. Believe me they are not fun.

I am interpreting that you mean: “mid shaft to head; mid head to head; top of shaft to head”. Is that correct?


I have tried Sadsak’s exercise that some already mentioned in this thread. I haven’t done it very much but the head gets really engorged when I’m doing it. I do the after a jelq or pump session. Its not comfortable and it looks like the head is about to explode so be careful.

Originally Posted by howardson
I am interpreting that you mean: “mid shaft to head; mid head to head; top of shaft to head”. Is that correct?


100% correct

I swear edging and hard kegels while edging has increased my head size.

Does anyone have any pumping experience with the mushroom cylinders, and has noticed head growth from these?

Originally Posted by AlmaDiedAlone

Does anyone have any pumping experience with the mushroom cylinders, and has noticed head growth from these?

I would also like to know that. on another forum I sas someone having success with a combination of pumping and a “cockring” right under the head at the same time. so you have both positive and negative pressure affecting the size of your head which might in my opinion the reason why it worked. currently I am only focusing on length. When I reach my length goal I will try to increase my head size. It is not in proportion unfortunately

11.01.2006: BPEL: 17,3 cm (6,8 inches), EG: 13,5 cm (5,3 inches) -- Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory --

12.17.2008: BPEL: 20,1 cm (7,9 inches), EG: 16 cm (6,3 inches)

03.11.2011: BPEL: 20,5 cm (8,1 inches), EG: 16 cm (6,3 inches)

Thanks for the references, guys. While my head is proportional to my shaft, it’s certainly a point I’d like to address in my training (no pun intended). Since reading all over this website, it seems that squeezing at the end of every jelq and a variety of other squeezes addresses this issue nicely. Here’s to head gains!

Use your heads!

2/11/11: 7.75" BPEL, 6" BSEG, 5.5" MSEG

6/4/11: 8.4" BPEL, 6.375" BSEG, 5.8" MSEG

Just started again, another new measurement coming soon; I'm pretty close to that June '11 though.

No one has used a mushroom cylinder for pumping?

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