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Increasing Blood to Head

Increasing Blood to Head

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of some way to increase blood flow to the head during an erection. When I have an erection my wang is really hard but my head just doest get much blood, it looks deflated. If I kegel tho it fills up with blood and gets bigger, I don’t really want to enlarge it, I just want it to be full you know? Thanks.

Also I read on the forums somewhere that blood goes to the head tthroughthe bottom which I found was true.

So, it isnt engorged at all? What I mean by that is, your head isnt at %100 capacity at full erection?

I have this same exact problem sometimes.. I would like to know too.

I also have the same problem… but I dont know how to solve it…

Well guys, I think the only think you need to do is some jelqing.It helps the penis to enlarge in girth and makes the mushroom effect, which is bigger head.

Good luck:)

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I think it´s a kind of venous leakage.when I press my dorsal vein,my glans is engorged.

Try using a cock ring. That is likely to bring instant improvement.

To simulate what a cock ring will do, get an erection and then grip your shaft at the base with an OK grip and hold.

Kegels and wet jelqs did it for me.

Thanks for the info, ill try doing more kegels too because I always forget except when I’m jelqing.. =/

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