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Increasing base girth with jelqing

Increasing base girth with jelqing

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to increase base girth with jelqing, and if it requires a specific way of jelqing?

I’d rather not use clamps or anything like that.

Thank you.

Hi, and welcome to thunders.

Please read this first before you begin your PE career START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Start your strokes from as close as possible to the pubic bone (dig as deep as you can in your fat pad), keep one hand slightly gripping below the glans until you are about mid way through second stroke, release and repeat.

Some reports base girth gains from hanging too.

Good Luck

I don’t think there is a specific jelqing technique to gain mostly base girth.

Can’t dry jelqs be performed with one hand? What about doing those right at the base?

I say be careful with starting the jelqs to close to the base, because you could end up with turkey neck.

One more thing, you just started this month, so don’t even think about clamps until you have conditioned

yourself. Care needs to be taken when starting this. Funny that you post this, because the base of the

penis will usually gain quicker when PEing. Take it slow and easy, hence, the Newbie Routine.

Thanks for your responses. I am taking it really slow, much slower than the newbie routine suggests. Maybe I’ll see some change in a few months. :)

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