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increased spermcount

increased spermcount

First of all, why can’t I post in the main forum yet?

Secondly, Is there anyway to permenantly increase your sperm count? I have a really low sperm count. Did Peter North start out with such a huge load or are there techniques to increase it?

If anybody knows, then can you please share it with me. Gonna be ejaculate over my girl in a few days, I want to impress, lol.

Thanks so much. =)

You need a certain number of posts in order to post in the main forum, probably 20 posts or so.

As far as shooting large loads, dont confuse sperm count with semen production. Pinnacle NOx, which contains some sort of arginine salts seems to be the weapon of choice around here as far as semen production goes. I’m going to buy the knockoff Nox tomorrow.:D

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. That helps you shoot farther, as well as produce more.

If you want it to taste good, try eating lots of citrus fruits, and cinnamon/nutmeg. DONT EAT ASPARAGUS! That will make cum taste disgusting. Also, avoid red meats, and try to eat chicken and fish for meats to make it taste good.

Where do I get this Nox? what exactly is it? Do you have to keep taking it to keep up the increased sperm?

Someone please answer, thank you. Also, anybody with other ideas?

rundown - As bt said you’re confusing sperm count with ejaculate volume. If you can’t find Pinnacle NOx2 (Pinnacle is the manufacturer) then just get some L-arginine 500 or 1000 mg tablets at a health food or vitamin shop. You should take 2000 to 3000 mg per day and after five days or so you should start seeing larger “cum loads.”

You do have to continue to take arginine or NOx2 daily to continue to have the increased volume.

The spermcount could be increased with a hormonal therapie, but you have to see your doctor to do it.

Arginine and L-arginine are amino-acids (protein predecessor) that your body uses to make the seminal liquid. When there is water and lots of amino-acids in the blood flow, more sperm your body can produce. You have to stay excited for a while (about 30 minutes of intercourse) to see a very good load, but five days of L-arginine will provide almost everything you need to impress the girls.

PS: sorry any language mistakes, I never had English lessons.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

may increase testosterone count

After this answer, I was reading some messages on the MOS forum and there is a lot of messages talking about the ROP (ring of power), a zinc x copper battery activated by the skin contact, ring shaped to wear around the penis. Some user related that his testosterone count have increased after using it.

Here some details: - Penis workshop

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

There’s nothing wrong with your use of English Jhabbah. You speak like one of the gentry :p

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