Increased Sensitivity

All- I’ve been doing jelq sticks and have noticed that I’ve been getting much more sensitive than before. I stated earlier that I had a hard time measuring with a ruler from the top because some how, pushing down on the top of my penis with a ruler makes me ejaculate. Weird, I know. But lately, using jelq sticks has made me sensitive too. I practically exploded while using the jelq sticks. That’s utra weird since its nothing like masturbation or having sex. So… I guess I’m going to take a break from PEing and see if I can get back to what I used to be. I know my wife does. I’ll report back when sensitivity decreases.


BPEL Start: 5 15/16". BPEL Current: 7 1/4". Short Term BPEL Goal: 7 1/2". Long Term BPEL 8"

BEELIT Start: 6", BPELIT Current: 6.1/4"

EG Start: 5". EG Current: 5 1/8". Short Term EG Goal: 5.25". Long Term EG: 6