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Increase penis size

Increase penis size

I wanted to check with any of you whether the size of penis has anything to do with the Testosterone hormone. I am in mid 30s and my size is about 4.5 inches and very less girth. My Penis always falls off even when I am erect. I have sneaky suspicion that it has to do with deficiency in my hormone I.e. Testosterone. I have not got a lot of hair in my genitals and chest area and very less facial hair. I have never been able to grow a beard or moustache because it is like a 12 -13 year old. Due to all this, I think the problem is to do with my testosterone hormone levels. Now I am no expert in this area. Please can anyone help.

Please can some one clarify

Hey 5inch,

Its possible man, but I would not put all my eggs in one basket with this one. If you’re overweight your estrogen to testosterone ratio could be off since fat stores estrogen. Therefore you may have relatively low levels of testosterone and losing weight could solve your problems. Not sure what you mean by your “penis falls off” but if you mean that you lose your erections quickly, then you may have poor blood flow to your penis. This starts to happen with age and this problem could be solved with Viagra or exercise.

The only and best person to answer this question is an endocrinologist and they would need to pull lab values to confirm it. Your lack of hair and erection problems could be an indication of adrenal insufficiency but this is only a piece of the puzzle. Nobody can answer this question over the internet and the best thing to do to get rid of any anxiety behind the situation is to do something about it. It starts by going to your doctor. I hope this helps.

yes man, I think Doctor’s information is best. Don’t go over there asking this and receive bullshit information, some bubish sellers might even want to sell junk to you. Go ahead and talk about this with your doctor and hopefully he will send you to an especial one.

Dont be embarrased I have talked to some Doctors about size issues and stuff…. so far I think i and I guess everybody could tell you best thing is to do kegles and jelqs in your case. Your EQ will raise.

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i sometimes get a small dick when im sick and am taking medication like sinutab, motrin etcc….

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