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Increase girth

Increase girth


I would like to increase my girth by about 1-2 inches. Whats the best way to do this?

Srart with the Newbie Routine. That’ll be all you need for the first 3 months or so. And read lots. I’m pretty sure the answer to every question you have can be found in the Forum somewhere. Also, learn to use the :search: function.

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Here are some of the previous Girth routines recommended by other members in previous posts.

Girth is also my main aim. I’ve been saving any posts that reported good girth gains.. Looking forward to trying some of these techniques after my 3 months on newbie routine!

See below:

Uli’s and Squeezes
The Uli #3 is a method for gaining girth, particularly around the head. Basically, you get a partial erection , grab your penis with the OK grip a couple of inches behind the head, and trap blood between where your fingers are holding and the head of your penis. Then you pull toward the head, forcing the blood toward the head, engorging the area to the max.
There are many similar exercises being performed here. Most involve grabbing at the base , trapping as much blood as possible, and pulling forward, forcing it toward the head. Sizemeister’s routine has some examples of some of these exercises.
The extreme ULI uses a clamp at the base of the penis to trap the blood. The clamp is tightened to prevent outflow and then to prevent both inflow and outflow of blood on a semi erect penis. Again this increases the pressure in the penis expanding the tissue.

Jelq Squeeze
The Jelq squeeze is an exercise developed by HughJorgan9. It target’s girth well, and is easy to comprehend if a little hard to accomplish initially. With practise it can be very effective, so effective in fact that beginning PEers should be very wary of it.
With a partial erection, create a grip at the base to trap the blood. With the other hand perform a normal jelqing motion, above the first hand. Swap hands every 5 or so strokes. Normal jelqing uses fresh blood with each stroke, this method traps the blood and increases the pressure dramatically.

Horse 440
The Horse 440 is another exercise which really attacks girth. With a partial erection, create a grip at the base of the penis. With the second hand create a small ring (very small) with the thumb and forefinger, then force this over well lubricated glans until it locks in just behind, forcing the blood out of the glans and the top of the CC.
Hold this for 30 seconds , holding a kegel at the same time can aid the tourniquet grip at the base and intensify the exercise. Repeat this several times, and place t in your routine after a fair amount of jelqing. Avoid this exercise if you are less than two months into your PE experience, it can easily cause thrombosis if over done and you will overdo it.
A variation on this is to with the second hand squash the blood out of the glans and the top of the CC with an over hand fist.

So I got some newbie girth in my first month, but since then I haven’t gotten anything except nice length gains. I realize now in retrospect that it’s probably due to the fact that I wasn’t jelqing at too high of an erection level or intensity. I would jelq and get a nice hanging shlong after but I realize I wasn’t doing thorough “engorging” jelqs at a 50+% erection level.

I must mention, though, that I’ve incorporated something new into my jelqing and It’s given me my first girth gains in some time. If you’ve been jelqing with a decent erection level thoroughly but have had no girth gains then listen up.

First off, I’d like to know if those who have not gained in girth and really feel they have been jelqing effectively measure their girth pre and post their PE routines. I’ve gotten in the habit of bringing my tape measure into the bathroom each PE routine now. I now ensure that after each routine I have a bit over 1/4 inch of extra girth after my jelqing. I am making sure, by doing this, that expansion is happening, and thus plastic deformation. Check if your girth is really more than it is normally, after your jelqing.

My new sort of exercise is just a slight variation of jelqing and I think it’s why I’m now seeing girth gains. It goes like this:

I do overhand jelqs with my palms down towards the floor. What I’ve been doing lately is I’ve been doing normal jelqs, except when my hand gets to the end of my shaft and it is at the beginning of the glans I rest it there and begin my next jelq with the opposite hand and what I do is I squeeze 3 times with the hand at the head as I jelq. Once right as the beginning of the jelq stroke, once in the middle of it, and once right as there’s about an inch left in between the hands (sometimes slightly less). So basically I’m jelqing with alternating hands, and with the hand that’s not jelqing I squeeze the head 3 times during the jelq stroke at different times. It’s like a mix between horse 440s and jelqs and you can feel the engorgement with each of the 3 squeezes. I continue on with these jelqs just like normal jelqs, but with these 3 squeezes during each stroke.

It should be noted I don’t hold the squeeze for more than a second. It’s as if the jelq is not altered or disrupted by the squeezes, but the squeezes are merely happening as the jelq goes. I admit, though, that as I do the exercise I pause the jelq stroke hand for that second as I’m doing it. So it’s like a jelq that has 3 quick pauses with squeezes as I go. Also this will make your wrists quite tired.

I hope this makes sense ^. I normally hover a bit over 4.75 (around 4.85) girth but after my PE routine using these jelqs I measure at 5.2ish. I know this will be good for my erect girth because I’m expanding my penis beyond it’s normal capacities for some time. Plus, this extra girth hangs around for a while after and thus is causing repairable damage .

Lemme know if this exercise makes sense,


+Stretch the ol’ weenie while in a totally flaccid state, applying as much pulling
pressure as is not painful. After 15 pulls, you should begin to get a semi
2) Grease your son with a lubricant and jelq for at least 200 strokes, as instructed
elsewhere on this excellent web site.
3) Beginning at the base of your penis shaft, still while in a semi-erect state,
encircle the shaft in a tight OK finger grip and move your “finger ring” towards
the meatus, engorging the shaft and the penis head. Squeeze 5 times, let up
the pressure, and repeat this routine 10 times.

+Here’s another very good girth exercise I picked up from another site.
Get an erection (80 % is probably optimal) and grab at the base with the OK. You may want to release, kegel, and grab again to trap more blood. Keeping a tight clamp at the base, take your thumb and first two fingers of the opposite hand and place them at some point on your shaft. You can start out with the thumb on top, and the two fingers at the bottom.
With the thumb and two fingers, lightly squeeze your penis in a rhythmic, pulsing manner. Stay in the same spot for 10 pulses, and then move to a different point up your shaft. When you have gone the length of the shaft in this manner, change your hand so that your thumb and first two fingers are touching the sides of your penis rather than the top and bottom, and repeat the squeezes.

Sound advice from clgp7. Many gains posted by those following this.

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

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