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Increase Girth avoiding discoloration

Increase Girth avoiding discoloration

Dear fellow members,

Is there a method to increase girth avoiding the discoloration that usually comes with It?

My routine is based on dynamic high pressure pumping w/ silicon sleeve and jelking ( jelq device). Gained a lot of length but I think I might start focusing on girth.
I’ve gained 3cm(1.18”) in length from oct-2018 until now, mar-2019. The girth remained the same. (Can share details of the routine and supplements taken)

I’m worried of keeping the blood flow of the penis restricted for long hours ( cock ring/ clamping) and get an visible out of tune penis with the rest of the body( Caucasian).

21cm (8.3”) BP 19.5cm (7.7”) NBP
15cm(5.9”) girth
- Girth goal 6.5”


Well, i had huge discoloration even before PE. Do that bothers you so much?

Starting : 7.6 BPEL, 5.5 MEG

Current: 8.1 BPEL, 5.7 MEG

Goal: To understand what makes penis to grow.

Aesthetic. It darkened a bit with pumping.. I don’t want to darker It further.

If your penis darkened, then you might be using too much pressure. Some men tolerate pumping better than others. Personally, I’ve noticed no darkening at all and I pump using vacuum pressures as high as 15Hg. Generally speaking though, most guys recommend going no higher than 5Hg for safety and effectiveness.

Also, it depends on whether the darkening is occurring at the skin level, or below it. If it’s at the skin level, then a weak alpha hydroxy solution should help. But if it’s below, it will just take time away from PEing to clear it, and that could take months.

Starting stats: NBPEL 6.85" BEG 5.25" MSEG 5.00" || Current stats: NBPEL 8.00" BEG 6.25" MSEG 6.00"

Progress report thread with pics. Legit NBPEL 8incher!: Success has never been so easy

I’ll search for this peeling chemical and try It. It is skin level mostly going from glans to the base in bottom side.

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