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Incorrect grip method, shaving

Incorrect grip method, shaving

Hey all. First post here, but I’ve lurked around at a site or two for over a year. I’ve always tried to start a routine but the best I was able to keep up with it was 2-3 weeks once.

The main problem I find for me is that when I put the OK grip on the base, and start moving upward, my hand either brings some strands of hair (which don’t enjoy being pulled) or a fold of skin overlaps itself and any grip or tightness I was creating is gone.

So I guess my main problems are the hairs, and perhaps grips. Every picture/video I’ve seen has either had poor angles or a completely hairless midsection (and it looks to be much easier to do these exercises if you’re already hanging large) so I haven’t really found an example of a grip or what proper form for various grips would look like. Even then, I’m not sure how much pressure to apply and such if I DID get it correct.

I’m not too comfortable with the idea of taking a blade to my soldier, I trim around him but I can’t imagine if it were to get a cut. Unless there are easy/good methods to removing that hairy problem that somebody only options are to fix my grip or learn a new way to go about it. Does anyone have tips, suggestions, or good examples of other methods?
The plan is to just start the standard newbie routine. Everywhere I turn that’s what’s recommended for 2-3 months, despite anything. I’m not really looking to gain much, .75-1 inches length and .5-1 inches girth would be great for me. Though, if I ever see any gains I’ll probably get addicted and go for more.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Shaving

I’ve always had a lot of hair down there, and back there too (though oddly not much on my back). It got to a point where the hair would get caught in the foreskin of the penis and I’d get an untimely tug and I’d keel slightly. Needless to say, I *needed* to shave. I wasn’t very good at shaving at first, being nervous n’ all but I’ll go through my process here.

1. Before getting in the shower, trim off long pubic hair with scissors so that there’s about 0.5 to 1 cm or until desired. Take your time with this as I imagine it to be easy to ‘clip’ down especially near the ball sac. I haven’t done so, but I’ve been careful.
2. Get in the shower, get everything a bit wet, watch my hair. I don’t know if it’s needed but I do a warmup routine in the shower with a cloth to get my member soft.
3. Use shaving cream and don’t skimp out and try not to get much on the upper shaft of your penis, you’ll want this to grip. That said, I don’t use that much anymore.
4. You’ll want to use a new razor.. It doesn’t have to be brand new, but I wouldn’t want to use one that’s been in use for over a month.
5. Now you’re ready.. I used to try and get an erection and stretch but found it’s best just to get a good grip on your penis and do a downwards pull until the skin is taught. I pull a bit more than I would do a normal stretch for extra taught skin.
6. Shaving direction: I tend to shave from shaft to base, but if I receive stubborn hairs I’ll shave the other way. Usually it’s because of longer hairs.

If I miss a few hairs on my penis that round, I don’t worry about it and just get them next round as my member doesn’t like having shaving cream applied twice.

I’m sure for gripping methods someone else can explain it better than I.

Enjoy PEing!

I shaved some hair yesterday, but with my shaving machine. It’s much easier, though it takes a little bit of time, and you don’t have to fear the sharp blade of the razor.

I don’t know about the grip.. I have yet to master the technique myself, and I know the problem of bits of skin overlapping.. But I think you just need to do a lot of experiments. Try all sorts of grips with different pressures and different angles, and see (and feel) the way your penis reacts.

And the most important thing, of course, is not to give up and continue trying consistently.

Okay, I see some glaring issues with my post, but I don’t know how to edit it.

Anyone have any idea of what to do?


You don’t need to shave. Close trimming should be fine. Use a thin comb between your body and the scissors if you want some extra protection against nicking yourself with the scissors. Trim back further if you didn’t trim far enough the first time. The good thing about trimming is you don’t have to worry about hairs growing back in and creating ingrown hairs.

Also check the Similar Threads at the bottom of the page.

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Originally Posted by Lampwick
Also check the Similar Threads at the bottom of the page.

Those were helpful, though the handful I saw were about the face (Which is still helpful). Would the same tactics be able to be applied to both areas?…ave-your-balls/…1-6-quick-tips/

Any advice on ball shaving is essentially transferable to maintaining your penile shaft hair as well. I am now in the habit of daily shaving. It doesn’t take long and insures I’m clean and neat in case opportunity arises. Additionally I believe jelqing is far easier, with fewer of the issues when you keep the shaft clean of hair.


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