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Incorporating PE in my life.

Incorporating PE in my life.

Hi, I recently joined thunder and would like to tell about my experiences and thoughts.

First of all, I am 21 years old and live in the Netherlands. Aside from being in top-condition with the rest of my body about 5 months ago my penis desperately needed some attention. I had a unpleasant sexual encounter with another girl and I somehow got insecure about the size and function of my penis. With a new girlfriend and all I decided something needed to change and I started to read thunder and do my first jelqs.

After for a couple of weeks I noticed a difference! Bigger flaccid, easier erection, and most important + 0,5cm :p I also used some kamagra to please my girlfriend in the mean time and she had a wonderful time on my growing cock! (I also believe that the incredible long evening and morning erections really helped organize the blood-flow down there)

I liked this success so much that I decided to intensify my routine:

Two times a day (morning- evening)
-Dry jelqs 10 mins.
-Dry v-jelqs stretch combo 10 mins.
-Manual stretch 5 mins.

After about 3 months my BPEL has increased with one cm. Also I can give my girlfriend a nice evening without the use of kamagra and I wake up with a nice morning wood (which was gone)

This success works addictive! I want more! So two days ago I built my first hanger and hung 2kg for 30 minutes. This feels intense! After a session my dick tingles when going to bed. And just today I have bought a vacuum pump to finish of my routine.

So I am thinking about this routine:
-Dry jelqs 10 mins. *Two times a day
-Dry v-jelqs stretch combo 10 mins. *Two times a day
-Hanging 2kg for 30 mins. *One time a day
-Pump session 15 mins. Total (deflating 3 times) * one time a day

I can do the routine 5 times a week. (Taking it easy on Tuesday because then I visit my girlfriend)

Besides that I take:
1 multivitamin (especially for sporters with added ingredients for recovery)
1 zinc and selenium
1 ginseng capsule
1 bowl of yogurt with oatmeal
And in the local supermarket I found a Green tea with ginko, ginseng, papaya, melon end aloë vera. (Just Albert Heijn house brand. With these ingredients I would call it Thunder-tea :p )

This all complemented with a normal healthy diet and sports.

Well, what do you think? Any comments on my routine and diet? I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

If you want to do all those exercises then you should start off with a reduced number of repetitions, and see how it goes. Then gradually build up to your goal. As you will be giving your penis a bit of a hard time and you will be going the injury way.

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You are probably right. It is not every day I can complete this routine. I keep “listening” to my penis ;)

Has anyone had any experience with my diet? The oatmeal should cause my testosterone levels to rise, as would the added zinc. And the selenium and multivitamin should help with tissue repair.

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

Petitfaun is right.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

There isn’t any correlations, by the anecdotical reports we have at TP, between high testosteron levels and gains.

Also, one of ours basic rules is: if it’s working, stick with it.

Finally, even when you’ll need to start doing something different, it’s not a good idea mixing too many things; pumping and hanging hardly can go hand in had, and it’s even harder make it all working when you are already doing a complete manual routine.

The testosterone is more for my EQ. I have had a rough time with my girlfriend, EP and stuff. By taking the right nutrition and doing PE I hope to gain, but more important to get the best EQ possible and be confident about myself.

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

It has been little over a week with my routine and I gained about 0.2 inches!

I have taken a step down on the routine however because it was a bit tough on the penis.

Now I am doing:
-Dry jelqs and Dry v-jelqs stretch combo 15 mins max.
-Pump session 10 mins. Total (deflating 2 times) * two times a day.

Two days ago I got a bit enthusiastic with the pump and caused a small blister the size of a needle pin. It is already gone now but this made me realize I have got to watch that pressure (got no money for a gauge)

I also modified my pump a bit. It comes standard with a latex sleeve and one spare. But a lot of the pressure went to the pelvic area which was uncomfortable. So I just folded the spare sleeve over the standard one and now all the pressure goes to the penis.

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

The effects of PE are really noticeable now :)

I always was a grower, not a shower. But after a few months of experimenting with PE, and for a couple of weeks a solid schedule I can really see the difference!

Especially my flaccid has made a huge increase! Normally at the showers at the fitness it would turtle up and look like nothing. But tonight when I looked around I was the largest by far :P

I never was a prude but this is a nice confidence booster.

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

I made some pretty amazing gains this week. Probably largely to do with what I tried last night.

-Taking some kamagra. (50 mg)
-One intense jelq session. About 15 minutes.
-Having a enormous erection and using that to edge for about a hour.
-Again some jelqing for 5 minutes.
-Taking one pump session 5 minutes.
-Jelq 2 minutes.
-Again edging for at least half a hour.
-Pump session 5 minutes.
-Jelq 2 minutes.
-Edging half hour.

Before going to sleep taking half a zinc supplement and half a `vitamin and mineral for sporters` supplement.
Going to sleep. The kamagra makes sure for a increased blood flow and lots of night erections.

I slept for a couple of hours, woke up at 1 o´clock and took another 25mg kamagra and went to sleep again.

Last night I measured before and after both pumping sessions. Under the influence of kamagra and both times I came to 17.9 cm bone/pressed (really hard kegel).
This morning the kamagra wore off and I wanted to see the result. 18.2 easy! (No intense kegels)

That is 3 mm difference in one night! I measure every PE session and I have never seen such a difference in one day! (Never measured above 17.9 anyway)

Now I am taking two days of (weekend, girlfriend comes over) I am curious how this looks on Monday. If it holds this would mean 1.4 cm in 4 months (just one month of real routine)

22 years. BPEL 7.4 inches. Girth: 6.3 inches. Goal: Becoming a tripod!

My other hobby and project:

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