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'In Your Face' Stories.

'In Your Face' Stories.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys do this..

You get teased and/or feel insecure about your penis size, so you PE your ass off and one day when you get that size you always dreamed about, you go up to them and go “AHA! In your face!” (no pun intended). I know I have.

I’m really looking for people who can share experiences like that and whether or not there was an actual satisfaction/sense of accomplishment in doing so.

I personally have thought of this, but I have never made it to the point where I can whip my package out and make them stare in awe. I wish to hear some of your experiences.

January 10, 2010 -- BPEL: 4.90" - EG: 5.00" - BPFL: 2.00"

September 10, 2011 -- BPEL: 5.20" - EG: ?" - BPFL: ?

April 23, 2014 -- BPEL: 5.50" - EG: ? - BPFL: ?

In general It is not recommended you go up to people and wave your willie in their face

Apart from the possible paralysing effect it might produce. It may also be considered bad mannners.

And any remarks lke “Hey See This!! I got it at Thunders

Might be considered indelicate

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