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In the beginning.

In the beginning.

Hello, one and all.

This is my first post on here, and marks the first day of my PE journal. I began over on the Men’s Health PE forum, but I prefer this area, after looking around. The other forum is basically just a mirror of this site anyway, and there appears to be a broader array of people here.

Last week when I first got onto the other forum, I did something incredibly stupid: I rushed right home and BEGAN with the best of intentions, but before an hour was out, I was trying advanced routines, and learned the hard way why building up sensibly is for the best. I was pretty sore for a few days, during which I decided that I’d better go about this properly, eh?

It’s doubly odd that I would do such a thing; I’m an experienced weightlifter, and I KNOW better than to just jump into an advanced routine. As I stated on the other forum in my only entry, I guess it goes to show that when it comes to something like the penis and our perceived self-image, it’s easy to get carried away hoping for that “miracle cure”.

I suppose I should begin with a little background and some stats before really getting in-depth on my intentions.

I’m 37 years old, reasonably fit, although I have a history of extra weight around the middle over the last 4 years (I’m a compulsive eater when depressed.)

After a year spent in Iraq with virtually no access to porn, let alone the privacy for masturbation, I returned to the States a few months back trimmer and full of piss and vinegar, feeling better than I had in a long, long time.

Gaining access to the Internet and porn, I admittedly honked Bobo far more frequently than I should have, the result being that when a young lady came to see me, I was only worth about 50 percent. Gentlemen who question the health aspects of masturbation, beware: All Things In Moderation! Too much of a good thing can and will harm you!

That being said..

I’m now in reasonable shape, but still need to shed about 20-25 pounds. I weigh about 235 lbs at 70.5 inches (I’m fairly solid, so it’s not all just blubber), but DO carry the aforementioned tonnage low on my abdomen, so that it resembles that grotesque belly that enormously fat people have when they begin to carry rolls, the kind that hang separate from one another. The appearance is odd, since I have a barrel chest, broad shoulders, and the TOP of my abdominal area is reasonably flat and solid. This stuff I carry is below the navel and droops badly atop the groin.

For now, there’s still a great deal of fat, so I intend to continue working it before resorting to more extreme measures, should such prove necessary.

Now, general composition aside, I give you .. The Penis.

I always thought I was smaller, although I suppose some of that has to do with the weight I carried before, combined with a low self-esteem. However, using a metal ruler from our die-and-tooling shop (very accurate!) I measured a BPEL of 6.5, a NBPEL of 5.5; EG of 5, and NEG (stretched) of 3.25.

These are not bad measurements at all, and they’ve certainly helped somewhat in the self-esteem arena.

My overall goal is 8” NBPEL, and 6.5 - 7” EG. I realize this could take quite a while, but hey, did I have something else I was going to do that would accomplish what I’m after?

During the week that I took off from hurting myself, I realized that I need to approach this scientifically, just as I would (and do) my weightlifting routine. I would need to plan for various aspects of this regimen, such as allotting proper training time, CHOOSING proper training times and schedules, supplementation, nutrition, overall health, etc.

During the week, I have been practicing Kegels, and have decided that these exercises are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, invaluable for the practitioner of PE. Not to say that all you gentlemen in here didn’t know what you were talking about, clearly you DO or this site wouldn’t have lasted so long with such a following! But for a first-timer, seeing/feeling really IS believing.

Taking just that week off, with minimal Kegel practice, increased my hardness and the intensity of orgasms significantly.

Because I still have to learn to do the exercises properly, I intend to take my time, experiment some with the minimalist approach while documenting my findings, so that after two to three weeks I can try to put together a solid beginner’s routine that I’m actually capable of doing.

Having read several of the other posts, I realize that with time and practice I will become both proficient and efficient with these moves, and will be able to pack more into my day.

During this phase I assume that Kegels would be the best exercise to actually put routine to. I believe the following will be good for now, and would appreciate if anyone with a differing opinion would suggest otherwise:

Day 1: Warm-up in the shower, massage and light stretch, with 50 x 5 seconds Kegel
At the office, at the top of each hour, concentrate on 25 x 5 Kegel
Try to lightly stretch and massage after bathroom breaks
Evening, warm-up with hot cloth or shower, 50 x 5, same massage and stretch

Day 2: See how things feel. As with all muscles, I assume the PC muscle will get sore from a new routine.
If all goes well, continue as with Day 1.

Over the ensuing days I intend to increase the numbers of Kegels, alternated with gradually increasing the times for the Kegel flexures. I’m open to any and all discussion on this approach.

Starting with Week 2, and hopefully having completely healed by this time, I want to start experimenting with various forms of Jelq, seeing what is comfortable or not, what I readily grasp and seem to correctly perform, etc. The Kegels, of course, will continue.

Once I’ve figured out the Jelqs and various forms of stretch, possibly 2-3 weeks, I will try to start a morning AND an evening routine.

I’ve also purchased a stretching product from the SizeGenetics group, and upon inspection (I have yet to try the apparatus) it looks like it just might work. I’ll likely attempt that tonight, just for fitting and fiddling with, and if anyone is interested in the results in here, I’ll let them know what I discover.

Aside from this PE schedule, I work a regular day-job, I have two weightlifting routines (morning with deadlifts daily, evening with a rotating bodybuilding schedule with a breakdown of Chest/Tri’s, Back/Bi’s, Legs, Shoulders for a four-day cycle), Tuesdays and Fridays with Aikido, Saturdays with Tai Chi, Sundays with yoga.

If anyone knows whether any of these routines could prove detrimental to my PE efforts, please let me know, as this is a good question, but not one I’m specifically looking for in my search of the forums.

Best regards to all, and I look forward to hearing more stories of success in here!


Welcome to Thunder’s! And good luck to you. I think most everyone here has become over zealous about PE at one time or another so don’t feel too bad about your mis-step. One thing I can tell you is that Persistence pays off in the end. Even though there may be times when you get discouraged, keep at it! You will see results!

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......

Phew. What a long read. ;) Welcome, hotshila, to the greatest library on penile enlargement, in human history.

Sorry about the long read; I just felt that a little background was in order to better understand the physical aspects of where I’m starting from. In the future I’ll be able to get more to the point about workout details, methods considered, etc.

Thanks for the welcome, guys!

Yesterday I tried using the stretching device from SizeGenetics. I honestly think this has some potential, but I’m having difficulty because of cutting off circulation to the head, even at the lowest stretch. I KNOW I’m likely tightening the tubing (even with the padding) around the head too much, but I’m not sure how else to get the darned thing to stay in place!

I noticed that after two hours of stretching yesterday, with stops about every 20 minutes to massage blood back into the head (which makes this bloody inconvenient for the workplace), I held a longer look all day, although the look was not “fuller”, JUST longer.

I think the most immediate gains would be in flaccid length; this is, however, based on ONE day of trying this, and may be modified radically before I’m finished.

If anyone has any suggestions to offer on my problem with the head, loss of circulation, keeping it in place, etc., I’m all ears.

Does anyone else use this specific device? Any suggestions? Admittedly, I haven’t gone through the forums yet looking, so I’ll accept links if anyone has any.

Pressed for time, more on this story as it develops!


Hey Hok, welcome to thunders.

Does anyone else use this specific device? Any suggestions? Admittedly, I haven’t gone through the forums yet looking, so I’ll accept links if anyone has any.

I would search for noose and stretcher, or ads modification, ads noose, etc. I went to sizegenetics and looked at which one you got and it looks like the one with the ‘noose’ loop at the end. Many other people have bought those and had problems due to the constriction. Many have also modified their device to make it more comfortable instead of throwing it in the junk drawer. Some have used a captnhook type velcro add on to make it comfortable. I believe pirate steve posted about this type of modification. Also read up on wrapping as this will help you with wearing the ADS as well.

Best of luck, Nem

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Okay, it’s the 8th of May, and for a few days now I’ve been doing the following:

Light stretching first thing in the morning before I get out from under the covers (it’s pretty warm, and I’m usually loose and flaccid after the EMHO goes down). By the way, laying off of orgasm for a while now along with PE seems to have caused a return of EMHO, which I think was flagging for a while due to poor general health (weight gain).

My stretching right now consists of 10 stretches in each direction, for 30 seconds per stretch, with a PC flex at every 10-second interval (still gentle on the PC flex, don’t want to overdo it), followed by about 10-15 seconds of massage and light dry-jelq to get the blood flowing back into the penis.

After the stretching, I get up, shower, and get on with my day. While in the shower I do a couple of Ulis and at least one seriously tight squeeze while holding myself under the water (as hot as I can stand without pain), which seems to be having a good effect.

During the day, I keep a set of dumbbells at the office, and every 45 minutes I stand up and do a set of curls, because my biceps are a weak point. After doing the curls, I sit down and do a set of Kegels, consisting of 10 reps of 5 seconds, with a three-second rest in between. I know that’s not a lot, but this is the first week of really getting into this, and I’ll be upping the number of reps as time goes on.

Back home, I sit in front of the computer for some visual stimuli, and then I’ve been doing a combo of Ulis, shaking, and the thing where you hold blood in while bending the penis, to stretch/pressure the CC and CS, depending on the direction of the bend-n-flex. I know this is a more advanced routine, so I’m very, very careful with the bend, keeping it light in all directions.

I follow this with squeezing and slow, dry-jelq to concentrate pressure on the head. I haven’t really counted reps so far, I don’t think there are very many, maybe 20-25 total, but with GOOD pressure.

I also, at least once a day for about two reps of twists per direction, am doing the thing where you twist your penis around (for stretching the tunica). I realize this, too, is more advanced, so I’m twisting in one direction, flexing and bending the penis in the same manner as the other bend (basically rolling the bend up and down the length of the penis), then twisting the other direction, doing the same thing; repeating for one rep per direction. This whole time I’m paying close, strict attention for any pain, stretching or tearing of skin, etc.

Everything in the evening is followed by as much ballooning and edging as I can stand, either based on NOT wanting to bust a nut, or on how fatigued I’ve begun to feel.

During the day at work, I’m getting in light stretching on bathroom breaks.

After one week of this routine, I’ve noticed a few things that are different.

1. My head size during erection is improved; not by a lot, and mostly due to the influx of blood entering, rather than to actual growth.

2. My overall erection quality is beginning to improve. My erections have been fairly hard for a few years, but NOT of raging-hardness quality. Also, the CC was always what got hard, almost never the CS, and the head was left fairly soft until I neared orgasm.

3. With practice of edging, my ability to hold back is slowly increasing, although I get a lot more sensation out of the pending orgasm. I think with time this will show a marked improvement in my ability to keep from shooting when with a woman.

4. There are a LOT of veins showing on my erect penis, out near the skin, and in ways they never showed before — but it looks cool, and overall I have a meatier feel when erect.

I’m still refraining from measuring until I’ve been at this for a month, so I don’t know if there is a size improvement or not, but there is definitely an improvement of overall penile health, in my honest opinion.

If anyone has thoughts on the increased vascularity, I’d be interested.

Also, is there somewhere I should post more of a diary, rather than just here on my initial thread? Aside from the one I’m keeping on my own computer in Microsoft Word format?


Hi Hokshila, your exercise seems to be going good. Concerning edging: in the last few weeks I have become amazingly good at the exercise, and can fully experience the joy of an orgasm and hold back exactly on the point of ejaculation, with but a dribble of semen (sugary substance) leaking out. It took me hardly any time to reach this plateau, and it’s very satisfying to know for certain that you, and only you, have total control on when you ejaculate.

Hi, Hokshila

Welcome to the Forum. I’m new here myself but it’s great to have you within the fold. You sure tell a good story - it’s very clear and you definitely seem to know what you are about. Your findings after a short period of PE seem to match mine - that is reassuring. Yes, there is definitely an increase in vascularity with me - which as you say is cool - I don’t have any thoughts on it.
Your diary thought is good - I wouldn’t mind being able to access it. You are currently similar to me and it will be interesting to see how we progress and what routines we might find beneficial.

Go well


7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

Hi, Hokshila

You seem to have made a good start. The improved erection quality is always a nice bonus - if it should reduce at all it may be a sign you’re overdoing things. Keep in mind you’ve entered the marathon!

Once you’ve made 20 posts and been here a couple of weeks you can post in any forum. The place to post your diary would then be the Progress/Reports forum (accessed like all the others through the front page).

Good luck!


Feb 2004 BPEL 6.7" NBPEL ???? BPFSL ???? EG 5.65" Feb 2005 BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 6.9" EG 5.8" Feb 2006 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.6" EG 5.85" Feb 2007 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.5" EG 5.9"

Never again will I say ‘Hi’.

Got some new videos I’ve been waiting on for a while, and went a tad overboard with Onanism tonight; Mr. Happy feels sated, but worn out, and I’m thinking that taking tomorrow off from serious PE is a good idea, with the exception of some gentle stretching and a decent warm-up in the morning, and Kegels throughout the day.

Aside from this minor, purely lust-induced setback, I do want to reiterate something that I mentioned yesterday, and now KNOW for a “fact”: After just a short period of PE with care taken as to the nature and duration of my exercises, there is MARKED erectile improvement, both in hardness and in the meatier feel of the shaft, overall head size, etc.

Hopefully I didn’t cause too much detriment playing tonight, eh?

Still, it was good to see erection brought on by excitement and visual aids rather than hardcore aids and manual stimulation; it gives me hope for long-term improvement.

Good luck, and good night to all, see you again in a couple of days for the follow-up!

Okay, a couple of days off, and no serious damage done. In fact, with the rest, things appear to be back and going fine.

Returned to squeezing yesterday, had a couple of good sessions; worked with the bending thing again, and today I’m experiencing a LITTLE soreness, but it feels a lot like when I’m at the gym and pull the tissue, but in a GOOD way. Today I’m maintaining a little bit of a fuller feel overall, despite (or perhaps because of) the ache down there, but I have high hopes.

I’ve tried something new during my squeezing sessions (basically Ulis), and I wonder if anyone else has gone this route with positive results. Frankly, I figure it can’t hurt unless I get overzealous again.

When I have done a few squeezes and a few jelqs, and I’m really heavy into the Uli session (girth is more important to me than length at this point, although that will change I’m sure), I get a REALLY good squeeze on, and then while holding it with one hand, I grasp under the head with the other hand, and I use BOTH hands to stretch the entire organ outward/forward. I feel a REALLY good pull near the base when I do this, but all around, not just on the suspensory ligament. Of course, I leave this until after I’ve already done the bends as well.

Does anyone else do this? If not, would someone care to try it during their Uli routine and let me know what they think?

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