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In search of girth

In search of girth

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and I am very excited about all of the great expertise on this forum. I have begun the standard newbie routine and plan to continue this for several months before refining my routine further. Currently, I am 6.75 BPEL and 4.25 MSEG. I feel that my dick is plenty long enough for any woman, however, I really want to add an inch or so of girth. What advice do you all have for gaining girth after completing 2 months of the newbie routine? Keeping in mind that 7.25 is the max I really want on length.



Do the newbie routine, as stated (and nothing more) for at least 2 months.

THEN move on to some manual squeezes and higher erection jelqing while cutting out a lot of the stretching.

Then eventually you could look into clamping and pumping.

But for now, enjoy the newbie process. You might find that the newbie routine is all you’ll ever need to achieve the gains you want :)

Thanks UFGator. What kind of time frame should it take to add an inch of girth? What other advice is there for girth goals?

It’s going to take quite some time for an inch possibly a year


Originally Posted by G.I.Jelq
It’s going to take quite some time for an inch possibly a year

possibly a year? Most people will never gain an inch of girth. Length seems to be much easier to achieve. You can set your goal for an inch, there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t put a timestamp on that particular goal, because 9.9 chances out of 10, you’ll only disappoint yourself. Just do the newbie routine for now and see where it takes you. Don’t worry about anything else :)

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