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In need of suggestions

In need of suggestions

I’ve been PEing for about a month now. My routine consists of a 3-5 min warmup under the hot water, 3-5 minute stretches in all directions, then 10-15 minute wet jelq in various directions (up-down-straight) and then some masturbation without coming as well as kegels under hot water again. I also stretch and squeeze here and there, throughout the day whenever I get a chance EG when I’m in the bathroom etc.. I do see some gain in length as well as girth.. About a week ago, my gf was wondering why it was hurting when I went in:) my erections are super hard, and she keeps mentioning it every time. I do take breaks like a day every 3-4 days or a couple of days after a 5 day streak etc. My minutes are variable due to lack of free time, but I tend to stay closer to the upper limits.. So I would like to hear all opinions, suggestions etc on how to improve my technique, whether I should move on or stick to this routine for a little longer, I haven’t measured it but I would say the length increase must be near half an inch, and the girth must and MUST be at least 1/4 of an inch as I can’t get a good grasp of it anymore and I do notice that myself. So lets hear everyone’s take on this. Thankin in advance.

Sounds like you’re doing everything right, except for following the Forum Guidelines in your posting style ;) Please take a look at them when you have a chance.

I would suggest continuing with your current routine until you stop seeing gains, at which point you should look into increasing the time and/or intensity of your manual workout.

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I was reading up on the pumper’s forum.. Is it a good idea that I start pumping, with being new at this and all? How long should I practice jelqs and stretches before I should move onto pumping? And one more thing, are there any useful squeezing techniques, or is just grabbin the dick and squeezin it sufficient. Remember, any comment is helpful ;) thanks!

Aw geez one more question:)

Now I really really don’t think that I have the premature ejaculation problem. I can last at least 15 minutes through any blowjob or handjob, and it takes me at least 5 minutes during intercourse to cum. I can delay that by changing positions, or edging etc. Still working on my pc muscle too. But all in all, I would definitely love to last a lot longer than that with less effort! I was checking out the kaplan pump and it says it resolves premature ejac. Has anyone who pumped noticed any difference with how long they last? Also anything that you guys might wanna suggest on this topic? Thanks!

I’m a newbie, but it’s safe to say that five minutes is very short. A big penis is worthless if you only last five minutes.

Originally Posted by lilwang

I’m a newbie, but it’s safe to say that five minutes is very short. A big penis is worthless if you only last five minutes.

I think that was his point

I say stick with you routine until there are no gains then go pumping and stuff

But thats just me :)


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