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In need of some positivity

In need of some positivity

Hi guys,

I’ve posted a few threads and have had few replies in any of them. So here goes my final attempt..

My girth is shocking. I was looking in the mirror today at my flaccid and it looks like a joke. A typical needle dick.

It measures about 4.2 erect but I’m BPEL 6.5 which I’m ok with.

I’ve had an injury that hasn’t quite cleared up so I’ve taken a break for a few months but I’m desperate to get back to PE!

Any girth tips for a newbie, or recovery tips or just general motivation?! I’m feeling slightly shit to be honest.

Thanks - really appreciate some communication!

Ok start with the newbie routine and stick with it for 2-3 months before progressing onto anything else, you need to get your dick conditioned.

Make sure you warm up and down to help recovery. Also eating healthy, plenty of water and a multivitamin aids recovery in my opinion.

Be positive, I know it’s hard sometimes but stick with it. Iv given up plenty of times and after 2-3 months I think fuck I could have had gains now if I stuck with it.

Good luck.

Thanks kimc, just a bit worried to go back as I’m still getting a slight sting in my penis glands.but it’s only minor and doesnt affect day to day life. Should I keep waiting or just go for it?

Have you seen a urologist? It’s probably nothing, but 4.2EG is better than a dick that won’t get hard at all.

I know what I want, and I'm coming to get it.

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I was considering seeing the doctor regarding the pain but I’m convinced it will go away naturally - I.e. No sex and no pe. But your right aceofspaceman, don’t want to spoil my unit altogether. But trust me - it’s pretty depressing that I know I can’t satisfy my girlfriend.

How you got the injury?

Originally Posted by thomas123
But trust me - it’s pretty depressing that I know I can’t satisfy my girlfriend.

Why do you think thats true? How do you know its true?

Well guys, sorry to bore you, but here it goes.

I think I got the injury as I rushed PE. I was jelqing at 80% as I am after girth of course and even tried some squeezes after only a month. So I’m guessing thats the reason. Agreed?

As for my girlfriend, we split up (but got back together) after I told her I knew she was faking her orgasms. She admitted it but said sex was good.lie! I know because when I enter her, her facial expressions don’t even change. I’d say I’m quite good in bed - can go for long and I’m athletic. But I need girth to satisfy her.

Do you know something? I’m scared to get another girlfriend (even though I’m not happy in my current relationship) due to my size. It’s depressing.

My injury is like a stinging sensation inside my glans. Very minor but still there.

What do you guys think?

You know girls don’t have to orgasm to enjoy sex, some girls love sex but have never came. I don’t always come when I’m masturbating/edging and I love it. For the first few years I had sex I always got moaned at because I didn’t make a sound when I cum, girls didn’t think I liked it but now I’m like a fucking fog horn :)

Now I think about it I had a sting in my glans for a while a long time ago, but I stopped through laziness anyway and it went away. Just rest a few more days and don’t masturbate to ruffly and see if it feels better.

Forgot to say, yes the high erection jelqs probably did it. Watch your grip, I find because I weight lift as well I don’t realise my own strength and go over board with my grip.

I’d suggest you stay on the lighter version of the newbie routine. The regular one could be too much for you. As long as you have persistent pain in your penis, you shouldn’t PE and just wait to speak with your Doc.

There are people out there that are a lot worse off than you.

Your proportions are almost exactly the same as mine. I’d love more girth, but to be honest the size is near average and well within the “normal” range. Our goals are the same I’m sure.

What you need to find out is whether she’s happy with your relationship, including the sex. She may have been faking her orgasms for your benefit, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the sex. Some women can’t orgasm through penetration, that’s just the way it is. There are other ways. If she isn’t satisfied, and it’s a deal breaker, then she deserves to be happy. Let her go find it. Let yourself find someone who appreciates the whole package that is YOU

When it’s right between two people it’s all right. The relationship as a whole is right, despite it’s good and bad parts. If she truly loves you she has considered both the good and bad, and loves you despite your faults (in general, not penis size related.) If sex is the biggest problem in your relationship then you’ve got bigger issues to look at.

Thanks for the advice guys

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