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In Desperate Need Of Girth

In Desperate Need Of Girth

I just joined the site today and as evidenced by my screen name you can pretty much surmize that I have a pencil thin penis. I mean I checked out some of the threads in the photo forum and am really convinced that I may have the thinnest cock ever. I haven’t done any measuring yet, but trust me, I am not over exaggerating the situation. I want to get started asap. I really want to concentrate on gaining some girth. I have printed out the newbie routine and am planning on getting started right away. I guess my question is, is there any one thing I can do to “concentrate” on girth gains. I am pretty desperate here guys, as I have been dating a new girl for about 3 months and am pretty confident that I am not getting the job done as well as I could if I were thicker. She has pretty strong keagle muscles and yet she can’t tighten them around me as I am so thin. I also curve a good bit to the left. I have always been like that, does vitamin E really help? I would like to be a bit straighter too. Any help would be greatly aprreciated. Thank you

I would start looking into pumping and combine that with a jelq routine. Start reading in the Pumpers Forum.

I think you should stay away from vitamin E. It is a blood thinner and I think it can make it easier to get blood spots and discoloration.

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