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In a dark place

In a dark place

Hi guys, I’m a new member here. I am 22 years old and need advice on a few issues, as I am in a very dark place. Firstly regarding the newbie routine my penis doesn’t seem to be reacting to it. I’m trying to master both the jelq and the v jelq, blood doesn’t seem to get to my glans. I find it hard to maintain an erection during it, in my head I am trying to keep count on the number of reps, focus on correct technique and keep myself aroused. This seems to lead to an unproductive session. In which there is no structure and my penis is a skinny flaccid state, not the plump thick flaccid which people describe. Any advice would be appreciated

Secondly, I have an issue regarding my left testicle. The testicle is around 2 inches in length (around 14-16ml) which I believe is underdeveloped either from a small left varicocele(0.33cm) or a retracted testicle during my teenage years. I have visited the urologist in regards to this, he believes the varicocele doesn’t need to be treated on, as the desired effect which I want the surgery to have will not take place( increase in testicle size). Does anyone have experience of this happening, I have read varying reports on the internet of it returning to size. I won’t get this procedure on the NhS, so it will have to be done privately. If this fails, I will try the testicle implants offered by Dr. Ellis, which in one sense sound risky judging from phalloboards, however I’m willing to risk it to lift these feelings of depression and suicide of me. My right testicle developed properly thankfully, which is around( 20-24)ml.

Thirdly, in regards to penis size my erect size is ok at 7x5 with smaller glans at around 4.4 inches(seem underdeveloped). I will try PE for the next few years but of all else fails pmma may be an option. My flaccid size is very skinny around 4.3x 3.8 inches. I believe from the small left testicle my testosterone levels have been effected. I rarely experience morning wood, I have low libido and a child like flaccid penis. Is there any way I can improve this, I’m waiting on test results back from my GP. Hopefully if low, I will be prescribed hcg over androgel as I hear it causes further testicular atrophy

Finally, in regards to my mental state, I believe I have OCD. I was firstly prescribed fluxotine(SSRI) but decided to come off them and attend cognitive behavioural therapy which is a work in progress. I have these constant negative thoughts every minute of the day, I haven’t any improvement in around 2 years mentally, I have attempted spiritual enlightenment, therapy and medication. I’m at my tether’s end wanting this to stop, I can’t see any option apart from surgery which will improve my life.

I understand a lot of this is statements, but any advice would be appreciated. I feel lost and depressed. Thanks

pob 1991, Welcome to the forum! An erection 7”x5” is a very respectable size..nothing to worry about there. :)

Don’t worry much at this stage of the game about jelqing seeming to be fruitless. It takes a lot of guys a few weeks or more to truly get the hang of it. Just keep practicing and reading here on the forums. It took me a while before I figured it out, then it was a true “Ah-haa!” moment. It’ll happen.

Good luck with the test results. A good urologist will work at getting you on track. And good luck with the OCD.

Keep us posted as to your progress!

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Sorry to hear you are in a dark place (Ireland :D ).

On a positive note you are doing some things right that lots of new guys don’t do. If you have health concerns see a doctor. PE takes years not weeks. Like that. Being a bit obsessive and over thinking things is a trait shared by many successful PEers. Just don’t over do it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

The average testicle is said to be 3/4 of an inch wide and and perhaps an inch long. You say your left is two inches long and you are complaining about it. Please explain!

I think he means he is in a psychological “dark place”.

Thanks guys for your messages, are you sure about the average testicle size being that. On wikepedia its claims it’s around 16-18 ml(2inches) in length. In regards to any of my questions regarding the different surgeries and the effects of androgel. Could anyone enlighten me? Cheers

Thanks for your message of support, just on a final note. In regards to my small varicocele does anyone know if an embolization will increase the size of it. I have read online it does but at 22 years old I may be late.

Secondly, would my penis size not have reached its full potential by doing this

You have OCD and they gave you prozac? I hope they ruled out bipolar 1,2 and 3 first. Other wise I could see why you’re obsessive and depressed.

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The doctor thought I was depressed just so prescribed me it. My cognitive therapist believes I have OCD. What are your thoughts on my q’s above?

Originally Posted by pob 1991

The doctor thought I was depressed just so prescribed me it. My cognitive therapist believes I have OCD. What are your thoughts on my q’s above?

My thoughts? I think you’re obsessing on PE and the aesthetics of your penis in place of dealing with your anxiety. At least if you’re worried about your cock you feel in control right? Testicles are never the same size, so don’t even bother with testicle implants… If it works leave it alone. 7” by 5” is BIG btw, I don’t know why you think you’re small when you’re bigger than a lot of guys and likely to shock women. And it’s more than likely the Prozac causing you to have worse OCD symptoms and poor erections. It did this in me and it took me a full year to go back to my doc to say “hey, this stuff is not working”. I spoke with a psychiatrist and was diagnosed very rapid cycling bipolar 3 or cyclothymia, and it turned out antidepressants work like stimulants on me and I needed a mood stabilizer with something like wellbutrin or ephedrine in small doses to keep me elevated enough to get stuff done. I wouldn't go back to your doctor if I were you, I'd go to a psychiatrist and get a full diagnosis.

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I don’t have bipolar, my cpd therapist believes its a mixture of ocd and body dismorphia. I have been given several steps to how to deal with this. Hopefully getting my head right and PE will put me on a more positive path without the need for surgery. Thank you for your concern

Wait so does your therapist think you have body dysmorphic disorder? That’s possible if you have OCD (from what I remember from abnormal psych. Class they’re very similar). In which case it’s much better to get a proper diagnosis and start a different combination of medical and non-medical therapy since your current therapy isn’t working.

By the way, very few people have perfect bodies. Testicles are ugly little things anyway so don’t get hung up over one being somewhat smaller.

Guys, I’m my tethers end here. I’ve been trying to accept this for the last 6 months, I’ve seen no progress, I think about this 24/7 which has greatly effected my quality of life. I want this to end, I feel I’m too mentally weak to overcome this, I’ve tried every solution from cbt to medication. I don’t have the finances to pay for a embolization, does anyone know if this would return it to its normal size. Am implant may be the only solution, however that is a future plan.
I measure my testicle again and it is actually slightly under 2 inches, I am meant to be going o na Erasmus year to Holland in a weeks time. I should be excited for this, but I feel no emotion or excitement for anything in life, because of this crippling thought pattern. My only relief in the day is when I get a heartfelt message on this. I try and be positive but the darkness soon returns. My drug binge over the weekend has done nothing to help me.

I believe my penis size may have not reached its full potential due to varicocele/ retractable testicle, does anyone have any views on this. Also is hcg/clomid hard to obtain from gp?

Any reply would be appreciated, this is my only outlet, I just want this to end

No one will ever notice that one of your testicles is a bit smaller. And, FYI, we all have one testicle a bit smaller than the other, a side of the body a bit bigger than the other and so on. No girl will stop fucking you because one of your testicles is a bit smaller, trust me.

There aren’t V jelqs in the newbie routine, by the way. Are you doing stretches?

Have you spoken about the “Obsessions” to your therapist? About your perception that Your body parts are “underdeveloped’? And worked about that? And that you are doing PE?

For how long have you been going to the CBT ?

Have you heard of Metacognitive treatment for OCD?

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