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Improving second erection

Improving second erection

I’ve never had erection issues. I’ve always had some pretty decent erections, and since I’ve started PE (about 3 weeks ago), my erections have become rock solid, which is definitely not something I can complain about.

What I’d like to know is if there’s anything that can be done to improve a second erection, after I’ve blown my load. I’ve gone up to 3 times, which is totally exhausting, but I never get a 100% erection after cumming. In fact, when I do attempt a 3rd time, my dick is barely hard enough to enter a vagina and it’s not nearly as satisfying, but I still have the drive to go for it.

Is this something that improves with continued PE?

Do an internet search on “refractory period”, in particular, “the reducing of”. Perhaps you will find some useful nuggets there.

Member 8x8 has a great thread on reduction of refractory time. His “controls” work well for masturbation —not so well for coitus because it would involve “withdrawal” at ejac time. But second or even third almost immediate hard-ons are possible using his methods.

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