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Improving Flacid size

Improving Flacid size

OK folks basically I read on here that the Thera-P wrist band is very good for creating a bulge in your trousers as it acts like a cock and ball ring. I thought great, just what I need because my package is non existent and this should help me out. Well I got one and basically it doesn’t really work that well for me. It does create more of a bulge than normal but not that much and doesn’t look that natural either. Also I have a tight nut suck so getting this might be why it doesn’t work that well as it’s like 2 inches wide and I have to really stretch my balls to get it on. Also, before I put it on I warm up and get my penis semi erect hoping that the wrap would hold the semi in place but it doesn’t, no matter how tight I wrap. My dick just seems to got back to normal and if I wrap to hard the wrap pushes everything up looking like I’ve got an erection but without my penis being erect lol.

Anyways, I’m in need of some help in creating a bulge. I think it doesnt work for me because it doesn’t keep my penis semi erect and because I have a tight sack. I was thinking maybe a ball and cock ring would be better as it’s alot less wide. Would one of these create a bulge and keep my penis semi erect throughout the day without pushing it out to much like the thera wrap or has anyone else got any ideas?

Thanks for your time

jamone - I can’t help, but I can tell you that you’re not alone. I have the same problems. Many guys love the Thera-P wrap. I can’t get it to work for the same reason (tight sack).

Have you tried a self-adhesive Ace bandage wrapped around your flaccid stretched penis several times? Many guys have reported success with that.

What Goomba said, I use an Ace bandage and if you don’t cut it into pieces it will make you appear to have a huge flaccide girth. I personally have gone out with two ‘golf weights’ on and my package looks fucking huge, and natural, so food for thought. : )

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