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Improving Erection Angle?

Improving Erection Angle?


Has anyone got any tips to improve erction angle - im only 22 and when its the hardest it can get its around 90 degrees, but rests around 70-80 when not 100% erect - when obviously ideally i would like it to point up much more (so i can look at him eye to eye maybe)!

I am doing 5 min stretch, 150 (soon to move to 200) jelqs, and kegels after that thru the day when i think about them or when watching tv! I’m aiming for 5 times a week, and a rest at weekend (as i go and see my girlfriend and she might think i was weird if i started pulling and squeezing my dick!)

Cheers guys


To be honest I don’t think there is much you can do for your erection angel apart from achieve rock hard erections. If I’m wrong please correct me, but through the shear nature of PE you erection angel will decrease due to the stretching of the ligs and increased weight of the cock…….but at least it will be bigger :D

My GF just starts pulling and squeezing my dick durring play time lol..

its sorta wierd but I think she just likes playing with it and seeing how much she can stretch it. She does all kinds of things… I dont really think I need a pump cause she trys to make it as big as possible by sucking on the upper half… lol

she is a good GF : )



How about weighted kegels? You can start out with a wet washcloth on your erection and ‘bounce’ it. I notice that since I started doing them a few months back, I could now do it for longer and with more weight. At first I wouldn’t be able to do more than 10 without my penis going limp but after exploring the kegels and also the weighted kegels I can almost do 30 with a wet wash-cloth and sometimes I’ll also use a full-size bath towel. Maybe this could help your erection angle?

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I have tried just doing bounces without the cloth, but can only manage about 5 before it goes limp. I shall persevere with them though. I think im gonna try and improve my base girth too, through horses and see if that helps.


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