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Improving EQ

Improving EQ

Hi guys!

After starting with pe, I encountered some problems after 2 weeks. I was stretching and jelqing a little too hard, started to get stains etc. I layed off for a few days, the discoloration faded away. Altough, what stayed is a noticeable decrease in EQ. I admit it could be of psychological factor, since I think a lot about it and get stressed if I don’t get a hard on when I focus on it.(while havin sex, I had no problem staying fully erect the whole time)

Still, I’m a little freaked out and I’m going to stop all pe until I get my EQ back (which was pretty high I think)

Are there any ways to improve EQ without jelqing etc? Or do I just have to wait till it comes back?


Starting June 2011:

BPFL: 4.8, NBPEL: 5.91, EG: 4.72

I’ve found that adding rest days or really reducing the amount of force you use is the best way to maintain EQ while PEing.

Start/April 2011: BPEL - 6.75" / NBPEL - 6.00" / BEG - 5.125 / Mid Shaft - 4.75 / Glans 4.5"

Current/August 8 2011: BPEL 7.25" / NBPEL - 6.375" / BEG - 5.625" / Mid Shaft - 5.00" / Glans - 4.875"

Goals: NBPEL - 8.25" / Mid Shaft EG - 6.00"

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