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Improved Erection Quality

Improved Erection Quality

Having had followed the Newbie Routine with some Extender use and Pumping chucked in for good measure I can now quite confidently say that my erection quality is much better, and whats more, more frequent.

The only thing to work on now is lasting longer in the sack I think I have a real problem here. I hope someone can give me some good advice as to how to go about with kegeling and strengthening the PC muscle. Cos it sucks when you are having great sex and then just bust a nut because the muscle is too weak and underdeveloped.

Look forward to some responses

all the best

Starting on 2013-08-16 :EL: 5.75" (14.6cm) / EG: 4.75"

Short-term goal set 01/06 15: EL: 6.75" (17.14cm) / EG 5"

Higher EQ during sex can make you cum sooner, because the harder the erection the tigher she feels, plus I believe the sensory receptors in the penis are more sensitive when stretched tight. In short, the harder you are, the better it feels!

I don’t believe premature ejaculation is due to a weak pc muscle, on the contrary sometimes kegels can make you cum faster!

I think the biggest thing is to practice control or at least awareness of your PONR (point of no return). And for that edging is very helpful.

Practice taking yourself closer and closer to the PONR and then stop or back off and let yourself calm down a bit. After time, you can get very good at keeping a high level of arousal, but not going over to orgasm.

After you get pretty good at that by yourself, practice applying that with your lady. You will need to know when you are getting into the “red zone” and use a technique that allows you to calm down without letting her cool off too much. For me, deep grinding works fairly well. You push in all the way and just use a rocking or grinding motion, this keeps her clit stimulated and possibly her CDS while letting you cool off.

Of course there is also slowing down, shortening the stroke or just plain stopping. If you know your partner well enough, you can use stopping to heighten her arousal by doing other things while you stop but you can stimulate her with your hands or mouth.

So, in summary, learn to know and control your PONR, and then learn her reactions so you can keep moving her in the direction you choose, while keeping control of where you are at.

The easy method is to go ahead and cum once, and then the second time around you should have more control, that’s if you are capable of getting hard again after an orgasm in a reasonable time.

Good luck!

In the past I found that to cum 1-2 times in advance made sure that I would not have a premature ejaculation during intercourse. This was just a precautionary measure because she was such a turn on that she could make me cum in my pants just by looking at me!

At the time, I could stay hard all day long so it made no difference in my performance. Now, is another story!

My current dimensions: flaccid: 8" x 6.5" erect: 9.5" x 7.125" glans: soft length:1.825" soft diameter 1.65" firm length:2.286" firm diameter:1.90"

Goal: flaccid: 9" x 7" (.1" length .5" girth) erect: 10" x 8" ( .5" length 1" girth) glans: soft length: 2.25" soft diameter: 2" firm length: 2.5" firm diameter: 2.25"

Ultimate goal: flaccid: 10" x 8" erect: 11.5" x 9.75" glans: soft length: 2.5" soft diameter: 2.25" firm length: 4" firm diameter: 3" In other words: A big, fat elephant cock!

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