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Impossible for me to gain girth?

Impossible for me to gain girth?

We’ll I’ve been doing PE and jelqing for over a year now. I never gained any length on the newbie routine but I did do it for 3 months on two separate occasions in my life and gained no length. The only thing that has given me length gains was Mem’s routine which is pretty intense (at least I made it intense with how much force I was putting into stretches). Now I’ve tried to gain girth for the past couple months doing multiple different routines and still have no sign of gains. Let me give you a little idea of what I’ve tried to assist you in any advice you might have. I’ve already stretched and done the 10 minute jelq routine with no success for long enough to conclude that is not the way to go. I also tried an IPR protocol routine where it started as 10mins jelq + 3 30second horse squeezes, 1 on 2 off then added 1 minute of jelqing and 1 horse squeeze each session. Did this about 3 weeks and saw no signs of gains so I figured maybe girth will be the same as length and the “less is more” philosophy won’t work so past 2 weeks I’ve gone all out. I’ve now been testing a routine that involves 3 x 7 clamping then (warmup) 10 minute jelq with 5 30 second horses (warmdown) 3 x 7min clamp again so far no success but I’ll try for a little longer. I’ve done extremely intense work outs and I’ve had absolutely no problem edging to a very hard erection and I’ve heard people having difficulty getting hard after intense routines, well not me so I’ve been thinking maybe I can still go further so after I did this routine 5 on 2 off, I’ve increased to 2x10 clamping before and after the jelq and now I’m on my third day and I’m supposed to do the routine again but I’m still feeling sore so I’m not sure. I’ve done plain jelqing for a year now so that isn’t exactly the advice I’m looking for. I’m just here asking for any suggestions from people that have experience in gaining girth and might have been through a similar struggle with girth. Thanks.

Firstly, try to use paragraphs, I found it very hard to read.

Secondly, Maybe you are using too much force. If you push it too hard, you will be damaging yourself and hindering any chance of gaining girth. I think that having days off gives the penis chance to shrink back to it’s original size so it is not wise to have too much rest between, but some people believe otherwise so I am not forcing this opinion.

You need to find a median… Not too much pressure and time so that you are over-working, but very frequently to keep the tissues stretched. Horse squeezes are very hardcore, and should not be your sole fuel for gaining girth. I think uli’s are a good start, kegel blood into an 80% erection and clamp the base of your unit with an “ok” grip… every ten seconds, simulataneously let go and kegel more blood in, immediately clamping with your hand again.

Stop after about 60 seconds the first few times or you will be getting yourself some injuries - make sure you are warmed up too. A nice bath works best, because it heats the ligaments as well.

What I also find that works is… do another uli for a while and then LIGHTLY squeeze the head while uli’ing about 50 times, and then hold head for 10 seconds.

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Do you masturbate before or after your PE sessions? Experienced PE-ers have said that masturbation hampers their growth (supposedly because masturbation depletes the necessary chemicals/hormones that are necessary for growth). There’s a general rule: Do not masturbate 2 to 4 hours before and after a PE session. However, I personally would suggest that you do not masturbate during any workout and recovery day. Set aside one or two days of the week to masturbate, which do not include recovery or workout days.

A lesson I have learned so far is that if it hurts alot, you are probably going to injure yourself. I also disagree about no masturbation 2-4 hours before or after but that may just be me.

As far as rest days I agree completely that 2 days a week is plenty (so far). And I have also read on the site that inadequate rest will cause over training. Eventually, just like bodybuilding you will find that instinct training works best, and avoids adaptation.

My gains are still newb gains I know. But after reading that some people take over a year to notice definite differences, I cannot understand why. I was never good at gaining muscle at all so why my dick! (Not that I’m complaining).

Try to lessen the intensity of workouts to avoid over training, and as AM1221 suggested, trying taking 1 or 2 COMPLETE days off during the week (no sex or masturbation). And of course, make sure the heat is there! Hope I have helped, and good luck!

The moment before you ejaculate is the most likely time that your penis will expand to it’s biggest state - thus filling the newly stretched areas completely.

Obviously, a clamp makes you more erect, so this is even better :D

Thanks everyone for your advice, I will be sure to keep this all in mind.

And actually, For the past half year or so I’ve done very minimal ejaculating from masturbation. In fact, I went through a 3 month period where I would edge for 2-4+ hours each day and not ejaculate at all on those days. One month in particular I did this with no ejaculating with hours of edging each day (I would stay on the edge of an orgasm the majority of the time so it wasn’t like a work out, it was actually pleasurable) and made absolutely no gains in length or girth. So I now lately I’ll let one out from masturbation sometimes once a week or so.

From the routine I did with multiple clamping sessions before and after jelqing/horses I actually wasn’t able to do the 5 on 2 off as I had planned because my penis felt like it needed an extra day. The first week I needed 3 days rest and this current week I was only able to do 4 days and now I’m on my fourth day of rest, so that didn’t work out at all as planned. I’m now going to try doing 5 on/1 off with a moderately intense routine rather than going all out with 2 rest days. I am also planning on doing what PEnessMonster suggested for exercises today as my session while doing monderately intense jelqing. Again, all advice is greatly appreciated.

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