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important veins question

important veins question

I know that the veins in the penis are suppose to become more pronounced when jelqing. However, how are the veins suppose to physically feel? I have a vein that gets hard (almost like a small wire) when erect. There is no pain what so ever, erections are fine and orgasm is ok. Should i be worried? I started PE last week. I follow the newbie routine in the tutorial forum. What is the cause of this? Am I doing something incorrectly? Anyone else have the same thing? Thanks guys

Hi wanttobebigger, sounds like it might be a thrombosed vein. Here is a thread with some additional info:

Thrombosed vein?


As stevie31 points you to, there are thrombosed vein threads quite thorough on this place. I’d add, though, that if you take plenty of time off and do whatever else to resolve the problem (like moist heat), and you see no improvement, but PE doesn’t make it worse and there’s no pain, I wouldn’t worry about it. I had a thrombosed vein a year ago, before doing PE, from prolonged sex, and the urologist I saw told me that thromboses are common and harmless in the penis, so long as they don’t cause pain. He didn’t suggest I do anything special to try to fix it, as the dick would just bypass this particular blood source and grow others if necessary. The vein is still thrombosed and I don’t care.

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thanks guys, i actually tried PE earlier (when i was 16) and i did get a little pain and discomfort once and a while but i took some time off (a lot of time actually) and was doing PEing on and off and still getting some pains. But i’m 18 now and going to stick with it and i’m really following the routine so i hope to get some good results. Another questions, do the commercial site actually help you gain 1inch in a month? Has anyone ever tried a commercial PE program and got those results?

There’s a difference, I think, between a thrombosed vein and one that simply goes into spasm as the result of new pressures on it and penile tissue around it from manual exercises. The latter just shows up when you have a very firm erection, is painless, and very soon resolves itself.

If anybody has the real skinny on the medical difference between these two conditions, I’d like very much to hear it.




No, the commercial sites offer nothing you won’t find among the thousands of messages here. Which isn’t to say you can’t gain an inch in a month PEing. But it’s very uncommon and those sites are using that kind of claim just to take your money.

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