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So here’s my story:

I’m 21 years old and I’ve PE’d before, when I was about eighteen years old. When I was 18 I realized I’d had a pretty sad dick (I don’t remember the exact dimensions) at around 5 or 5 and a half inches. I had been sexually active with the love of my life whom I’m still with for about a year and I hadn’t had any complaints, but from pornos and listening to other guys I realized I was at the very best on the low end of average. So I started to PE.

I didn’t measure my results but after about two months I heard the magic words from my girlfriend: “Have you gotten bigger?”

For me that’s all I needed to hear, and so I stopped PEing and lost all of my gains. I think my penis has grown naturally over the past few years, and I’m a little longer than I used to be, but my girth is what has me down. So I started a PE routine that would focus on girth. Unfortunately I included Ulis, thinking that having PE’d before I wouldn’t need to do the standard newbie two month routine. I was too impatient, and now I feel like I’ve actually lost some girth from doing too advanced an exercise like Ulis.

So I took a week break and I’ve started the newbie routine, determined not to rush things. I’m determined to just jelq and stretch for two months, that’s what got me my gains before, so I figure it’ll do it again. Even if it doesn’t, at the very least I’ll condition my penis to be able to withstand the pressures of more advanced exercises in the future. But even at the end of two months I intend to take things slow. Even though I’m hurting pretty bad emotionally, knowing that my “pencil dick” is pretty sad, I know I change that. Even though girth (from what I’ve read) is the hardest to gain, I’m determined to be patient.

Wish me luck, I’ll post my up to date measurements soon.

Welcome back to the world of PEing. Your head (the one between your shoulders) seems to be in the right place, You realized, before causing major damage, that advanced stuff isn’t a good idea until your dick is ready for them.

Best wishes for good gains.

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