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Immediate shrinkage after exercise?

Immediate shrinkage after exercise?

Please forgive (but point out!) any noob mistakes I may be making, this is my first post.

I am wondering about flaccid size, especially if it is normal for my penis to go back to its “cold-weather” appearance within minutes of using a pump, jelqing or using the Phallosan Forte.

I have started exercising about 1,5 months ago, aiming at increasing erect size.
Still, I wonder if flaccid size and how quickly my penis goes back to the smaller size after exercise is an indicator that I am doing something right or wrong.
And, of course, increased flaccid size would be a very welcomed side-effect.

I believe I am also currently recovering from PIED (with a long way to go yet),
So perhaps many years of excessive masturbation plays a role?

I would appreciate some input.


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I’m a noob too. I have the same thing.

I didn’t like it so I started doing a BTC tuck for a few hours after a workout. That seems to help heal and hang lower for me.

But, I am not one of the guru’s around here and I don’t know if that’s recommended or not. Sure as heck helped me.

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Thanks for the Feedback, EyesOnSize!

Am I correct in assuming that means tucking straight down and keeping it there?

Seems to me like that would amount to a light, constant stretch.

Would that be comparable to the vacuum stretcher on a very low setting?

Start : BPEL 5,5" x EG 5" (3/2016)

Goal: BPEL 8" x EG 6"

Turtling long after a session is a bad physiological indicator. You should aim to avoid it.
A good healthy full hang after a session is what you should aim for.

You either are exercising for too long or your intensity level is too high.
Try to adjust - cut back a bit.

Read this - physiologic indicators

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It usually is an indicator that you are doing too much, but it is hard to say because although you told us what tools you use, you didn’t say how you use them.

For pumping, how much pressure do you use and for how long?

For jelqing, how long do you jelq for and how much force do you use?

For the phallosan, same basic question, how much force and for how long?

Finally, do you always use all 3 techniques for every workout and how frequently do you workout? Do you take rest days?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

The BTC tuck is where you tuck the head of your penis between your legs and pinch it between your butt cheeks and it is a comfortable long term stretch for me though I have read other that hate it.

My turtle was mild and only lasted an hour or two if I was rough with it. I just liked the idea of it healing on an elongated state as I have read about in the forum here. I suffered no cost in my EQ and it keeps my off day flacid hanging heavy.

I works for me.

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I have observed that drinking alot of water and going commando helps in that regard.

Water because you want to pee more and I have notice that then my flaccid is the biggest.

But don’t take my word for it, I’m a newbie! :D

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1-2 hours max shrinkage after a routine is actually good. It shows you gave the penis a good, to its limits, beating.

More than 2 hours tops shrinkage, means you are doing too much.

Shrinkage through the whole day means that you are fucking this up, by doing it wrong or overdoing it, or both.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Thank you all for the replies and please forgive the very late response.

I am a bit shy about asking a bunch of questions that have already been answered, so I spent a lot more time reading this forum.

The title I gave this thread is misleading.
My research has lead me to believe that what I am talking about is commonly referred to as hard flaccid.
I measured my dick today and probably differently than I did when I first started.
Fully erect and the ruler pressed hard to the bone, I came in at a good 6.5” in erect length.
When flaccid, it is around 4”. That seems to be a considerable difference to me.
After pumping I usually have a nice fat hang for a few minutes, then it shrinks right back up.

But it doesn’t shrink back only after exercising, that shrunken state seems to be the “natural” state.

Do you guys agree this sounds like hard flaccid?
Any good pointers on what to do about it?

The best information I have been able to find so far is the theory, that it has to do with muscles involuntarily tensing up.
Recommendations have been psychological and physical therapy, internal (trigger point) massage and relaxation exercises.

It seems to me that these symptoms might also indicate a solution for my ED.
Essentially I have a hard time getting hard, but when I do get hard and want to kill the erection, all I have to do is stand up for a minute or two without stimulation.

As for the PIs, the one I watch very carefully is morning wood. I usually do get that, not always (regardless of PE), but I have noticed I don’t get it when I overdo things.
When that happens I back off and take a break for a day or two.

Start : BPEL 5,5" x EG 5" (3/2016)

Goal: BPEL 8" x EG 6"

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