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I'm uncircumcised, jelq problem.


Originally Posted by Herballist
Also, keep foreskin rolled back all day, everyday… eventually your penis will adapt and it will stay there easier.

That would ultimately lead to loss of glans sensitivity as if he were circumcised and maybe even glans keratinization, wouldn’t it?

Originally Posted by Boo-Ya
If you’re able to move your skin freely, do dry jelqs.
It’s a reward for uncircumcized fellas. :)


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Guys, if you are intact (that is, uncircumcised), it is NOT a good idea to retract your foreskin and attempt to keep it retracted all day. If you do so (and especially if your glans enlarges during PE exercises) you are at high risk of provoking a paraphimosis. If you don’t know what that is, look here:


Paraphimosis can cause serious damage to your foreskin, a blood circulation trap in the penis, leading to gangrene and a requirement to be circumcised - in other words, losing your foreskin entirely. And even if permanently retracting your foreskin does not lead to something as serious as that, you will lose sensitivity on your glans due to it not being covered and protected at all times by the foreskin.

The foreskin’s natural position is over the glans on a flaccid penis. It’s best to leave it there! It won’t stop you jelqing - you can do dry jelqs which are equally effective.

Good luck!

If it helps, I’ve recently figured out a way to hold the skin back without experiencing to much discomfort as well; what I do is take a sock (preferably a ankle sock) and roll it longways so it resembles a rope; then I take the foreskin and pull it back down so the glands are fully exposed. I’ll wrap the sock around the bottom of the shaft, and hold it as tight as I would if I was doing a jelq (or tight enough that the foreskin doesn’t move too much) holding the sock with one hand, and using the other to do a single handed jelq, I’ve found that this allows you to comfortably pull your foreskin back and preform like an uncut guy (although this is mostly to do wet jelqs)

Hope that helps any uncut guys out there!


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