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im thinking of buying the Power Jelq tool, anyone have any comments on it?

im thinking of buying the Power Jelq tool, anyone have any comments on it?

id like to know what people have to say about the power jelq device, im thinking of buying it it seems considerably easier and more effective way of jelqing

Do a search and look at the reviews forum. Don’t own one myself, but did make one a while back to fuck around with. Doesn’t appear from the reports that it is any more effective than manual techniques, although some say it is more intense than manual jelqing. Kinda expensive for what it is, but everyone loves a buck! If you do get one, be careful with it as there have been a number of reports on injuries resultng from it’s use. I gather this is a result of squeezing too hard, possibly not realizing the mechanical advantage the device allows. Really don’t think this device is going to make PE more effective for you than using your hands, but that’s our choice. Good luck. groa

I think of it more as a time saver and anti-procrastinator device for myself. If I tried to build one I know I would never ever get it done. Plus i suck at handy work, I am no arts and crafts guy. I think overall it just speeds up the amount of time to PE. Faster repetitions then with your hands. Some guys consider it overpriced, but it is your dick and it helps you can you really complain. We all know jelqing works, so if it is a jelqing tool, it should work too. There is always the jelq sticks on Hubbard’s page too.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I find it a useful tool. Like TT said, it tends to make the job easier, so you are encouraged to do more, longer, and a little harder.

I do not consider the Power Jelq as replacement for all-manual exercise, however. I use it in conjunction with manual jelks provide good variety and variation in my routine.

The one thing I like about the PJ is that it makes it real easy to get way down on the base when you start each stroke.

Also, the PJ is good for working the sides.

Carful with this thing, though. It is easy to get carried away and apply too much pressure on a non-conditioned penis. Start out easy and work your way up.

Take time to do a search. There is much more info on this subject if you dig around and read, read, read.

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I forgot to mention this above, but if you click the link at the bottom of the page, you can get to the PJ site. Click on the “interactive forum” link and you can view the forums. New PJ page is a bit different, but it is still there. Might help to give you an idea of how the device works for some folks and possibly even register and ask Rob questions about it. groa Interctive Forum/See What Everyne is Talking About….is what you click on.

Jelquing Machine

I find it to be less effective than hand made increases. Plus hands on feels better and more personal. I do not think it is an effect “tool” as the rollers are prone to wearing out and you can not get a reall power jelq from it.

trying but not really convinced this works.

Some people love it, some hate it, some just don’t understand it.. (is this starting to sound like a poem? sorry about that! ;) )

I own one and I keep changing my mind about it. At the moment I don’t use it much, but there were times when I did. If you have a bit of a problem staying hard (I suffer from mild ED) then you might find the PJ makes this problem even worse.

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