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I'm Thinking About Buying Heat Patches.

I'm Thinking About Buying Heat Patches.

To put on (my dick) daily once I re-up my PE routine.


My only thought is this, the skin on the penis is a tad more sensitive than the skin on your back, thigh, arm, neck………………

I would be concerned about burns. I’ve never used the heat patch so I don’t know how hot they may or may not get. My advice, be careful.

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Thanks for the super quick response.

I’ve been able to handle pretty good heat when wrapping my dick in the shower in the past, so I’m not too worried.

If for some reason it gets too hot, I can always just take it off and try something else.

Although I’ll be honest, if you can put these things on your thigh, I’m pretty sure you can put them on your dick. Could be wrong though.

There is ben gay in these things, I’m not sure that would be comfortable. Also, consider the adhesvie on the patches, can you say instant waxing? I do suppose that would be one way of getting rid of the unwanted hair.

(I’d much rather have ben gay on my thigh than other places I can think of)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Not all heat patches stick like that.

Some have more of a magnetic feel from what I can remember.

Umm, I actually have a question though — is it generally considered better to heat directly on your penis, or your inner thighs, or your balls, or what?

Heat Big Jim, not the twins.

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Any advice on what to look for in patches, or should I just go for it?

I have never used patches for that. I have used:

1. mug of hot water
2. electric heating pad
3. PE in the hot tub
4. Rice sock

Some guys swear by using an Infrared lamp.

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Here’s my thing..

When I re-up my PE routine, I wanna base it around convenience.

I won’t have time usually to just sit around in the mornings and afternoons doing exercises.

Ideally, I’d like to do a small routine in the morning, and be able to heat my dick whenever I want (thus the patch). Exercising a little at night would be fine too.

But from all I’ve read here (and this is a great site), what I’ve concluded, atleast in my mind, is that it’s better to get alot of rest (especially in the beginning) and keep up a convenient, easy routine, rather than pushing hard.

That’s where patches and hangers come in, for example.

I’ve been using hand warmers, the kind that activate once exposed to the air, for several months now. (wearing one right now, in fact, to warm up for some away-from-home PE.) The heat level seems ‘just right’ and lasts for over eight hours. I would never use one of the ointments, which essentially generate a feeling of warmth by irritating the skin and nerves.


What kind of hand warmers do you use? I ask because I like that idea. Can I get them online? Do you recommend a certain kind/brand? Thanks in advance.

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You can get any thing online. I use those in the winter for extra heat if I am going to be out in the cold and static for many hours at a time. Cheapest I have found is buying them in bulk at Wall-Mart in the spring. I expect that if you shop around online and buy in bulk you can get them very cheap.


Just looked and found a big price varience online. I was paying $1.99 for a four pack of glove warmers, two to a pack. So $.25 per warmer for 8+ hours of heat. I am finding places on line charging $12.99 for the same thing, not counting shipping.

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The brand I’m using is Hot Hands. I picked up a couple of boxes of them at Wal-Mart. They come in several sizes, incl. a large one that wraps almost completely around. Otherwise, I tape together two of the smaller ones. But I’ve also seen them at gas stations, variety stores, sporting goods stores, etc.

Cool. I’m gonna look into those.

Btw, taking baths REALLY helps. Gotta keep your dick warm. ;.

I just hope those hand warmers stay on.

I use a velcro wrist wrap to keep them on.

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