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I'm so fcking lost right now.

I'm so fcking lost right now.

I am thinking about starting all over with my PE exercises and starting back to the noob routine. I have been pretty devoted with a routine for the past 3 months and have seen no gains at all. Maybe I am doing to much? I don’t know if I am doing to many reps or to much force. I don’t pull so hard that it is uncomfortable though. I swear with the amount of years I have been on and off of PE I should have a 10 inch cock but I fail every time for some reason. Maybe some people just can’t grow their peter length or girth like others can I don’t know. Anyway, I’m trying this one more time and if that doesnt work I give up and I’m completely getting out of the PE community. Nothing I have tried helps and I am tired of hopeless wishes that don’t come true.

Current routine:
5 mins wrap warm up
15 min stretches
25 mins 3 second jelq
Warm down

If I go back to the noob routine I will probably start to wear my extender with it as well in hopes that it will help. I just don’t like the idea of wearing something for 9 hours a day, its to much. I can’t run to the bathroom every hour to pull it off and rest. Last time I wore it for a hours on end I had to keep going to the bathroom to re adjust and stuff. My boss asked me if I was on drugs. Hahaha.

Anyway. If anyone has any advice and/or has had the same experience I have had please share. I’m willing to give this another shot like I said with full intentions of hopes that it will come around, but after this time If I don’t see anything I am done with this. Ill just have to trick my brain into be happy with my little dick.

Thank you.

I hit a plateau doing a workout very much like yours. I too was pretty upset and decided to not use so much time and so I only did jelqs, and much to my surprise my length increased 0.4 cm in a week. I have no idea why it happened but I have decided to alternate doing girth and length work each week. I figured I have nothing to lose, I wasn’t gaining from doing more work, maybe less will help. Good Luck!

Congrats on your gains. Like you I guess I just need to change things up a little and see what happens.

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