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I'm pretty sure it's the smoking.

I'm pretty sure it's the smoking.

I attended Basic Combat Training and AIT this winter, and during the time at basic when I wasn’t allowed to smoke my penis gradually grew over those 9 weeks. My flaccid hang was the best I’ve ever seen, easily around 5.5 in I’m guessing, but with that many dudes around it would be kinda weird to get an erection to see what the REAL deal was. Anyway ever since AIT when I was allowed to smoke it gradually started getting smaller in that 10 week period, and now that I’m back home and smoking almost a pack a day again. My penis is really starting to suffer, and I mean a lot. Now, I’m guessing it’s got a lot to do with the cigarettes, and probably a little bit from the change of diet, although I try to stay away from junk food, and I drink a lot of tea now. Anyway, is there any serious and solid medical evidence of cigarettes causing extreme loss of libido, and shrinking penises?

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Smoking itself can cause acute reduction of sex drive for several reasons. It also seems like smoking causes vasoconstriction, so less blood flow to the penis. Switching to something like nicotine gum would sidestep a few of the problems.

There’s some evidence l-arginine can help with the effects too:

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Smoking anything, even pot dehydrates you. Drink more water, or tea, especially green tea. The more hydrated your dick is the heavier it will hang. I think this applies more to flaccid size than erect.

Also, 9 weeks without sex may have a bit to do with it as well. :whatever:

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