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I'm not gaining

I'm not gaining

Well i have only been doing this for a month but i see no increase in size or any sign of improvement, i get red spots when i jelq, i don’t know if this is good or what. I really want to gain length more than girth, please suggest me some routines from your personal experiences other than the newbie routine.

Also when you stretch to what dirrection do you pull?


Stick with it

I don’t have anything to say what you probably are looking for, but… Like you said: You’ve only been doing PE for a month. Most people don’t gain in the first month. I noticed my first gains after three months PEing. I’d suggest that you do the routine you do still for a few weeks and see what happens. Red dots are a sign that you’re at least using enough pressure when jelquing. Read, read, read and jelq, stretch, jelq, stretch etc.

Stretch in all possible directions you can come up with (also, pull circles) and use V-stretches for better effect. I think you’re ready to do them now. How long are you holding a stretch?

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i do about 50 JAI i think they are called, pull 2 secs, kegel 2 secs,

Then stretch and hold for a minute 3 times.

Do JAIs and static stretches in apart from eachother, at least 15 mins or so. Also, drop the kegel part when doing JAIs, just try to keep it (PC) relaxed down there all the time. That’s how I do them.

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thanks, i’ll give it 2 more months to see how i do.

How many JAI stretches do you do?
For how long do you hold the stretch?to what direction?
How long should i hold static stretches?

Also how many times a week should i repeat the routine?


Cable, I dropped you a PM. Check it out!

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Cable, some guys get fast gains, but most don’t gain anything at all in the first month. I didn’t see diddly for 3 months. Some guys gain from a small investment in time, but most need to dedicate a good chunk of time every week. I would give it at least 3 months.

Johan knows his sh*t, and it sounds like you are experimenting with his type of workout. (Just don’t fall for his pushing out the internal penis with a cucumber up the but initiation gag.)Good luck.

If you have time use the search button and check out the archives, we have an amazing amount of hands on data the guys here have collected.

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