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I'm not buying this 8X6 stuff!!!


Dino, when you do a girl, is there any cock left over when you bottom out? If it varies by girl, roughly how often? Thanks.

That Cul de Sac seems a bit far away. How long do you have to be?

Motivations: - The smile on your girlfriends face when she pulls it out - You never have to hear "DEEPER!" (and if you can) - Getting to see a mouth stretched around your cock and 2 hands req to work it - All of your girlfriends girlfriends knowing your big - Knowing you're the biggest she's been with and she'll always remember you in her life - Watching pornos and being so unimpressed

From what I’ve heard over the years, 7 NBP to start to hit it for a decent percentage of women, 8 NBP should get you in there for most women from most positions (doggy etc).

This leads us back to the first post, where if you’re long enough to hit the CDS from every position, you might be too long for deep, hard thrusting for other positions (guy on top, her legs on your shoulders).

Fine line again I guess, I’d rather be long enough to hit the CDS personally, even if have to go easy for some positions. Also, remember, the CDS only becomes accessible when the girl has been stimulated for some time, so easy does it at first, don’t go ramming in too deep too early, or you’ll bang against her cervix instead (most girls will find this painful and her arousal level will die).

Originally Posted by Joe_joe
Dino, when you do a girl, is there any cock left over when you bottom out? If it varies by girl, roughly how often? Thanks.

All chicks are different and each chick is different at different times of the month they never make it easy for us:)
I was about almost 8bp when I was able to reach it with just about all women. I was dating one girl that I could hardly get in at first and after seeing each other for six months I could go pretty much balls deep and bang like a jack hammer after she was really ready. Another girl I went out could take me no problems right from the start and could have taken more. I dated this one girl who was so shallow and tight I had to be really careful but she loved it and would have adjusted but I had moved on. So every girl is different and when they are in heat they will some how find a way to get me inside all the way and so far it hasn’t been a problem more of a blessing. I just need to be careful not to bang the cervix some girls are super sensitive.

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