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I'm new

I'm new

This may seem silly, but I started jelqing like 4 days ago, went pretty strong into like couple times a day but not too extreme, Had no NI’s and I seem to be bigger.

My Girth looks bigger at the base and I was masturbating yesterday and it seemed longer.

Can this be true or am I imagining this?

Could be due to better EQ.

As for actual gains in the first four days. I don’t know, could be you are just more proud of him!

Try to measure and let us know.

And good luck and good gains!

It can happen but don’t be surprised if it goes back again, It may be simply that you have stretched and the natural elasticity will bring it back. Or you may have struck lucky

Hope so!


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What is the best way to measure? Erect and use ruler and measure back to my pubic bone on top or along the side?

Do I poke it as far as possible cause (not coz) I’ve got like inch and half of natural skin and fat between.. And do I measure erect girth?

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I’ll bet anything you’re bigger, man. Your penis has probably never expanded to the size it did when you started jelqing, so it’s “more full” in a way.

Great feeling, isn’t it? :)

As for measuring, point your erect penis straight out and lay the ruler on top. Push it towards you so it hits the bone for BPEL, or leave in place for NBPEL. BPEL is better for tracking gains, NBPEL is what you actually appear to be.

Good luck with your gains. :D

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Yeah, it seems more healthy harder and fuller. Great feeling.. Lol

At the moment I’m doing it approx twice a day- 1x dry jelquing mostly erect like 90% 50-70 times

And in the bath where I can get heat more softer like 50-60% 50-70 times

I’m not getting a chance to warm up when out of the bath, whats the best way to do that?

Welcome to thunders place and the world of PE.

If it feels bigger that is great. The only way you will know if you are truly gaining is if you start taking measurements and tracking progress.

Do you have starting data? If not, start tracking size and routine that way you know your progress and what works and what does not for you.

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Ok, I will start by measuring BPEL and peice of string around and measure with ruler for my girth.


90% erect jelqing is a bit dangerous if just starting.

Word of advice: don’t overdo it. Not to spoil your new happiness, but if you cause yourself injury, it will not be as fun as now.

Slow down a bit. Why not start with the newbie routine?

And don’t skip warm wraps.

BPEL = 3notches below 7 inches whatever size that is

And 5 notches of off 5 inches for EG

I switched the ruler the other way around and it’s = to 174mm BPEL and EG = 120mm

Converted online and got these results BPEL = 6.8556
EG = 4.728

So where is the best place to measure EG from? I measured like middle of my cock.

I would measure the base, the middle, and the head so that you can track any increases.


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