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I'm new

I'm new

Hey guys. I have been lurking for a couple of months now, and I started PE about 2 months ago. I am glad to say I have seen some gains in these two months (about 0.5 inch in length), even tho I wasn’t always as consistent as I should have been. Hopefully my gains will continue.

I have a couple of questions for you guys, hopefully you can help me.

-I have noticed that my EQ has gone down considerably. Why is this, and what should I do about this?
-How important are Kegels? Is this a must?
-How do you “hold” a kegel? I don’t know if I am doing it right, but I am trouble holding a kegel. When I do a kegel, it automatically “goes back”.does this make sense?

I also want to post my routine. I haven’t given my routine alot of thought because I started out “just to try it”. I think it’s time to really think about and adjust my routine if necessary

Warmup 5 mins
400 jelqs of about 2 to 4 seconds
Stretching 3x straight down (40 seconds), 3x down left, 3 x down right
Haven’t done warm down until now, but I will start with this.

Comments would be great,,,,thanks

Hi tony001 And welcome to the forum.

If your EQ has deteriorated it may well be due to you being a bit overenthusuatic in your work-outs.. and your penis isn’t quite conditioned to what you are doing.

Why not follow the newbie routine, which is designed to get your unit more suited to harder exercises. It also helps us to help you more easily if you are having problems.

So I would suggest you take 1 weeks break then try a fairly light routine, and see if that is better for you.

Good luck

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Hi petitfaun, thanks for the reaction..

As far as I was concerned I was sticking pretty close to the newbie routine.I am 2 months in so according to the newbie routine I should do 10 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes jelqing.that’s just about what I’m doing these days.
I think I Will follow your advise on taking a week or so off, and see if my EQ will get back to where it was.

Plus remember that for some guys “less” is a better approach!
Is LESS more, or is MORE more?
NEW newbie + advanced routine

You have gained 1/2” which is wonderful! The only reason to change your routine would be concern over your EQ. Has your EQ changed only recently or has it been a gradual and ongoing thing?

As far as kegels go, they are worth doing.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have noticed my EQ going down in the last 2 weeks I think. Does anyone have experience with this. I’m hoping it’s gonna get better. I think EQ is at least as important as size so I don’t want it go the same time I want to keep my PE consistent.

ey toni,
it happened the same to me, the newbie routine was to much for me so i stopped for a week and then started doing a linear newbie routine and everything got a lot better.
you are overtraining your unit. stop for a couple of days to give it a rest and then restart with less exercises and see what happens.

take it easy

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