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I'm NEW with some questions

I'm NEW with some questions

Hello, I’m new on this forum and I’m glad I FINALLY found a SERIOUS forum with SERIOUS people about PE.

I have some questions :

1) I wanna do PUMPING way, because it seems easier to do than jelqing, scared not to know to do it properly and it takes time before you can do it properly. But I hardly find some pumping threads, does it really as efficient as jelq ?

2) I see that people post their gains over time ect., this is really motivating for newbies like me. I have a small penis and want a BIG one. Measurements are:
4,4 inch length and 5,2 inch girth. My goal is : 8 inch length , 7 inch girth; is this a realistic goal ? Has someone ever gained 4inch in length ?

3) I am not circumcised, any influence about PE ? It seems it is easier to do PE when circumcised.

4) I have a small penis, can I have expect faster/bigger results in the 1st year ? (Compared to someone who has already 7inch)

5) Is pumping safe ? Does it hurt (even a bit) after a 30minutes session ?

6) Is the discoloration “legend” true? What can I do to keep natural color ?

7) Where can I find some information about pumping (routines ect.)


1.) Hold off on pumping for now. That is a slightly more advanced routine and should only be moved up to from the newbie routine or the newbie routine + advanced. Do either one of thoese for 3 months (the link is on the top of the newbie forum) and then worry about pumping. If you don’t train and condition your penis early on, you are much more likely to get injuries and discoloration. Also, jelqing isn’t that difficult to do, nor is it that dangerous when compared to pumping / clamping.

2.) 8X7 is a rather large size, and something most women can’t take comfortably. I’d shoot for something a bit lower for now and once you reach that goal, create a new goal. Short term goals are more easily achieved. For instance, shoot for 6” in length and 5.75 inches in girth after 1 year. People have gained more than 4 inches, but that usually requires getting everything you can out of stretching the ligs through manual stretches / jelqing, followed by hanging.

3.) as far as I know all circumcision does is allow you to get better grips and use hangers more efficiently because of the decrease in size leading up to the glans.

4.) It depends more on whether or not you’re a fast gainer. Some people just are and regardless of size, will move up more quickly. I don’t believe there is any significant correlation between the two.

5.) With pumping, I don’t do 30 minutes straight. I do 4 sets of 5-6 minutes at 4 in. Hg. This gives most people the best results and doesn’t cause the penis to turtle. There is plenty of info on that in the pumpers section though but only do it once you’re ready. There really isn’t any pain, it actually feels really good most of the time. As for safety, as long as its done at lower pressures with breaks, then you should be fine.

6.) There are creams that allow you to counteract discoloration. Do a search for the word discoloration, you’ll find plenty on the topic and several creams that members are using with success.

7.) The pumpers forum is devoted purely to that.

You’re welcome :)


3) If you’re uncut you can dry jelq which means you don’t have to spend money on lube for wet jelqing and you don’t need lube around to jelq. So you can jelq anywhere anytime :)

Being cut has the advantage of not having to worry about gaining too much foreskin (more new skin than new penis length) from hanging and your glans and skin are not that sensitive. Having sensitive foreskin is not useful for hanging but you can just avoid the most sensitive areas when attaching a hanger and to avoid gaining too much foreskin you’re forced to hang properly, which is actually a good thing imo :)

I second what house_md said. Beginning your PE routine with pumping is probably not the best way to go. The ‘newbie’ routine is more than just getting you used to PE, it also allows you to learn what your penis is capable of handing. Any non-manual PE methods used prior to 2 or 3 months on the ‘newbie’ routine will probably result in some type of injury or discomfort.

Discoloration comes from, in my opinion, too high intensity workouts. I workout 6 or 7 days a week now, low intensity, and have little to no permanent discoloration, sure there is some redness immediately after a workout but that fades within a couple of hours. That was not true when I started, but I’ve learned what “I” can handle.

Posting 'newbie' but 2+ year lurker and PEer.

Start: ~6" BPEL, ~5" MSEG (If I remember correctly) Now: 7.25" BPEL, 5.25" MSEG (After an 8 month break) GOAL: I'll be finished when I'm done.

*** ALWAYS mind your PI's and EQ's :) *** PE takes knowledge, time, and commitment. If you can't do that, you can't PE. ***

Welcome Sandy, House is right so be sure to check out the tutorial section.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Hi Sandy,

I’m french and new to PE like you ;-).
As the other members said, you should better start by the beginning (newbie routine, jelq.). Take time to read the FAQ. Jelq is not so difficult. I don’t think the “easiest” way (pumping) is the best for you. It always takes some effort (time, being involved, regularity) to get results.
Don’t aim too high, or you may be disappointed too. 8 inch length, if possible, may take years !
We are about the same size (me : 5,2 inch length and 4,7 inch girth), I’m mp-ing you if you want to discuss in french. Cheers.

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