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I'm new here

I'm new here

Hi guys

I’m 32 years old, am 5’11” tall weighing in at 215lbs.

This is my first post. I’ve been thinking about PE for a while, but just recently discovered this site. All the other sites out there want to charge like $50 and you can’t even see what you are getting before you never see your money again. I’ve read through many of the forums. It seems like there is a good knowlegable support base. I’m somewhat average at 6L X 5G (length is to the bone, not including the cushion of fat)

My first goal is to go up to 7L by 6G. I’m prepared to go at it for a year to get close to that goal. Ultimately, I’d like to have 8L by 7G. I’d like that to be above any fat at the base. I’m currently using the Body For Life Program to get that fat at the base to a bear minimum, not to mention everywhere else on my body lol.

I’m leaning to the day on day off approach paralleling working out with weights in that growth occurs during rest and over training results in less results.

Anyways, thanks for the information on this site, it’s the best I have found so far. If anyone has any comments, questions, or tips/advice, please feel free to ask/tell away:)


Welcome aboard….

There’s a wealth of information in here, and a lot of people that are more than willing to help.

Start by reading the Guidelines and FAQS-that’ll be a good beginning.

Feel free to ask….we all had to at some point.

Your goals are very attainable-patience is the key. :cool:

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Thanks Thunder. I’ll be around quite a bit. When I get involved in something, I usually go all out. I have a bit of an addictive personality. No so addictive that I forget to not overdo it though.


Great to have you here shikodo! :)

Welcome shikodo,

I’m on this forum for only a week by now but I’ve to say it is really the best forum/knowledge base I found online.



You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Welcome, shikodo!

The first thing that I did was to read and read until the sunrise filtered through the blinds! :) Knowledge is power, and if you use it right, you will be rewarded greatly! You are going to embark on personal journey and along the way will be lots of members here to offer you advice and support.

You know that patience makes the heart grow fonder? Well, patience also makes your penis grow yonder!


Thanks guys. LOL, I’m reading like a son of a gun. I find there is a wealth of information here. I am having a bit of trouble amalgamating all of the information though. With all of the different excersises like Uli#3, Jelq, Hanging stretches, traction, etc. It’s tough to get it all sorted out. I guess that will take a bit of time.

Thanks again


There are lots of guys here that would be glad to help you out with questions or opinions. Its really nice here .. oh and did I say fun? ;)
Just hang in there and keep to it.

I cant help much but I can welcome you and offer you a hug for support… so here it goes.

Welcome, shikodo. XO


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