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I'm new and I'm a dumbass


I'm new and I'm a dumbass

Hey guys,
I’m a long time lurker (found this place last August through various links) and this is only my second post. My stats are BPEL 7.5” x EG 5.5”. I’ve never had complaints on my size (except for my ex-wife complaining that I went too deep and it hurt; she bitched about everything though - thats why she is an ex-wife!) but I was in a relationship that lasted almost two years and I just didn’t feel like the old pecker was up to par.
I figured getting older (33 now) and my super sweet post-divorce weight gain of 55 pounds (up to a svelte 328lbs) had something to do with it. The relationship was with a gal that I’ll call “Nurse Nice”. NN never voiced any concerns about the pecker. In fact, she bragged on it by saying “You are so blessed down there!” That made me feel great. Plus it was the best sex I’d ever had. She was enthusiastic to say the least. This was what I needed after coming out of a damn near sexless marriage. I would guesstimate that I had sex with my wife maybe 50 times over 5 1/2 years. It was rare and even more rarely fulfilling. When NN made the comment about my cock I got to thinking about it. I wondered if it was big enough. Now being a registered nurse she has seen and handled plenty of cocks. Some right in front of me! Yeah, I’m an RN also. But I got to thinking about my cock size alot. Thats why I started researching penis enlargement.
I knew my quality of erection was not the same as it used to be. Especially after I took a Viagra. One of my older buddies (49) had some and said I should give it a try. I cut it up and only took 25mg. Talking about effective! An elephant could have done chinups off it and a Ginsu knife wouldn’t have dented it. I’ve got some spares for special nights!
I remember seeing a Peter North video when I was in college about ‘92 and one of my friends saying “Man, he has got a huge dick!” I wasn’t really impressed because we looked to be about the same size. In fact, I had measured (BPEL) back then and was 8 inches long. I didn’t do any girth measurements. I also had almost no fat pad at the time. My current fat pad could probably give Second Chance body armor a run for it’s money now!
So I’m here to regain that lost inch and improve my erection quality. I’ve done alot of reading here but is it common for your penis to shrink like that? I’m pretty sure I measured correctly. I’m also engaged in a new lifestyle of eating habits and exercise. Lost about 20lbs in a month so far. I started to turn my life around after getting my heart broken a couple of months ago and decided to do something for myself. Plus I’m about to start anesthesia school and I knew I needed to lose weight now or I would gain even more from sitting on my ass studying and being in the OR. Thanks for all the great info and good luck on your PE ventures and life in general. Oh yeah, my goal is 8.5x6.5. Take it easy..

P.S. The title of this thread refers to my dumbass status because I can’t seem to get an avatar to work. Under the account settings the circle with a green dot is clicked on for saying not to use avatar and I can’t change it. Tell me what I’m doing wrong guys!

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You may have to have X number of posts before an avatar shows up. So post.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

If you have a thick fat pad then yes you are going to lose size.I’ve got the thickest fat pad around I believe it’s covering up at least 40-50% of my size now that’s thick.

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Hey buddy ! Welcome to the marvellous world of Thunder’s where you will practice doing exercises that work wonders. To overcome your 14 post issue sooner, I suggest participating in the ” Last Letter Game” thread :D in the not covered elsewhere forum :D Enjoy !


Welcome to the posting fun of Thundersplace! Watch out for linden trees though! :leftie:

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Heh-he! Fun post. Welcome to Thunders :D And good luck!

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Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Welcome my PE Brother!

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

I can tell I’m going to like you based on the title of this thread. Welcome to Thunders; what has it been 6 months? Don’t say much, do you?

I wish you the best.

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X number of posts. Kind of like the DaVinci Code. :)

Hello dumbass: :D ( couldn’t help myself )

Welcome to the forum! We are generally pretty helpful with all your questions on PE, but you do have to read like crazy at first. Get ready to READ, READ and READ some more at the newbie forum and techniques. That will really help you.

Godspeed on your gains and weight loss bro.


TT: thanks for the providing me with the proper info to help me remove myself from the dumbass list.

GM: glad to see someone recognize Mr. Heinlein’s work!

Goonbaby: Haven’t said much because I’ve had to keep up my lazy fat fuck image! But that is changing as of today..

GRX: Good God man! What’s up with the Linden tree? For some reason that reminded me of the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch and the Silver Shamrock commercial in it that mad the masks fry the kid’s head! Yeah, I’ve got some obscure references that would make Dennis Miller proud..

JHTheman: My fat pad could probably stop a 7mm Rem Mag. Maybe we can start a thread about Battle of the Fat Pads.

Repetition is the key to mastery

ThunderSS: Thanks for the info and I love the site. I’ve learned a lot and am looking forward to learning more.

Repetition is the key to mastery


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