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I'm kinda stuck...I live with parents

I'm kinda stuck...I live with parents

Well, I live in a small apartment. The only thing I can do is 5-10 minutes of stretching. I don’t do hot wraps, I just take hot showers. As I do my stretches I put my dick under the water.

If i spend anymore time in the shower they’ll get suspicious to what’s going on in the washroom.

I can’t guarantee a consistent routine even if I went ninja style- stealthy PE sessions. I go to work 3x a week, sometimes more if I get called in. My parents are gone during the morning (work). But here is another issue is that my aunt is staying over for 2 months.

A kind of off-topic but still PE related question: Is 4 inches in girth enough for an average woman ? Or is it too skinny? If not, is 4.5 inches in girth enough? My dick is only about 5 inches long right now but I am not too much worried about length, I know for sure that a thicker dick is more important.

Current routine -

Only manual stretches of 45 second holds.

1. Pointing straight down
2. Pointing down left
3. Pointing down right
4. To the left
5. To the right
6. Upwards left
7. Upwards right
8. Straight up
9. Straight out
10. Straight down again.

I do kegel squeezes, not sure how many I do. I try to do them throughout the day whenever I remember, I’ll probably have a couple sets of 20 squeezes throughout the day.

That’s it.

I have actually been registered on this board for… a few years as you can see. I did newbie routine for 2 months and saw no gains, except I noticed one gigantic vein that sticks out more. It seemed like my dick got shorter somehow…but maybe it’s because I started working out. The illusion of a smaller dick :)

I then realized for PE, gains are nothing like working out as a newb. It will take A LONG time just to get half an inch girth or length. So I am wanting to commit to it again with more patience, but I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS !!!!!!!!!

Curious… How old are you?


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

20… no wait… 25… ermm no wait…. 35.. nooo no…. 21. Lol 26 look in profile.

Really, this penis issue and women issue had got to me throughout my teenage years and never went away till now. I had low self-esteem, depressed, and didn’t see the point of moving on in life.

As for the question of whether 4 inches of girth will be enough I would say maybe. Before PE my girth was about 4.75 and I never had any compaints from the several women I slept with. In fact they very much enjoyed that. So I would say 4 is probably fine for most women as long as you can have some skill in bed behind it.

Originally Posted by ismellzesty
As for the question of whether 4 inches of girth will be enough I would say maybe. Before PE my girth was about 4.75 and I never had any compaints from the several women I slept with. In fact they very much enjoyed that. So I would say 4 is probably fine for most women as long as you can have some skill in bed behind it.

Would it still work if I only do stretches until I see some length gains, and then stop doing stretches and only focus on jelqing ?

The best solution would be to just get your own place.

Do you have your own room? Can’t you do your workouts at night? It seems like your would have some privacy sometime unless you are in a one bedroom. Can you do some stuff at work or get an ADS?

You can probably to do basic stuff to slowly condition your unit, but I would focus on getting your own place.

As far as a 4” girth goes, vagina comes in different sizes. For some girls, it may be enough and others it won’t. I know most girls like the stretch of a big girth cock in them, but that isn’t the only thing that will make them cum and is not enough by itself. Developing your sex skills will be more valuable to fulfilling a girl.this would probably be helped as well by getting your own place for privacy.

Peace out,


It’s a two bedroom apartment and a family of 5. There is no lock on my door, also my parents might randomly walk in. There is a walk-in closet where they need to change.

Nevermind this thread; ideas are going to get everywhere. I’ll do stretches until I get some length and then stop and only do girth until I get girth gains.

I will do jelqs whenever I get the chance though. Like, if I’m not working and I know no body is home during the day. I am really not sure, I was always intimidated by jelqs though. My penis has a curve and I feel that I am doing more damage to my penis by doing it incorrectly.

Maybe I should only do everything stretch exercises, and then get a girth surgery done in the future ? Does anyone have any idea how much a girth surgery would cost me (a quality technique)? Is it more successful than lengthening procedures ?

Put a lock on your door or do your exercises facing away from the door with a bath robe on. Possibly use one of those door stoppers, it looks like a wedge of cheese.

If you need heat for your warm get a kettle, tell your parents it for tea etc, it’s for my independents. Use a plastic cup and fill it with hot water, keep topping up with more hot water, as your member needs it. Make sure you got somewhere to put the excess water, another tub.

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You’d better do jelq instead of stretch, it gives both length and mostly girth. 10 minutes of 3 secs jelq gives you 150-200 strokes, and it’s good enough to have gain.

I read somewhere, if we can only choose 1 PE exercise, jelq will be mostly choosen.

You should think about investing that money you are willing to spend on girth surgery into getting a new apartment. I have a curve also jelqing doesn’t bother anything unless you are fully erect. Stretching is fine but you should really try to invest a little time in jelqing, you will need the practice anyway if you plan to girth up some day.

I don’t mean to seem harsh but the excuse of living with your parents just doesn’t cut it. I live with a college roommate 24hrs a day. And still have time to squeeze in a 20 Jelq session 2 days on 1 off.

All I do is just throw on my robe put a set of Anatomy notes on my keyboard and Jelq, If I hear keys jingling I stop close up my robe and grab my notes, might not be very stealth but it works for now. All you need to do is learn the schedules of your family and adapt.


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I live with my parents too. Before my workout I take a 5 - 7 min shower which I use only for warmup. If nobody needs to use the bathroom during that time, they won’t even know I took a shower. Then I go to my room and do my routine. After that I take another shower for warm-down and to wash myself.

You should put a lock on your door or you can do your routine as safetyfirst said. If somebody does walk in and sees you naked you can tell them you were changing or something like that.

I live at home, I just stay up later then everyone and lock my door if I think anyone’s awake.


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