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im just starting to develop a routine, i have a few questoins thou

im just starting to develop a routine, i have a few questoins thou

i would like to know if a warm up routine is necessary?and if this sounds right?

i start with a 5 min warming up with a warm towel, then i stretch for bout 5 mins also, then i start to jelq from flacid until i go to erect, i continue for bout 5-10 mins.

hows this for starting off??

The warmup (and cool down) is very important. A good routine might be something like

5 min hot wrap
10-15 min stretches
(possibly another 5 min hot wrap if you feel you need it)
10-15 min jelq
5-10 min hot wrap

I don’t get this jelqing from flaccid stuff. How long does it take to get erect? Jelqing (if done with enough force) will probably work against erections rather than build them. Just get 50%+ erect asap then jelq.

What a depressing nickname. Don’t you think you should go for something inspirational like SoonToBeHappier :) Thunder can change it for you if you want.

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