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I'm just BARELY five inches.

I'm just BARELY five inches.

I don’t know if I’m measuring it wrong but some days it will be a little over 5 and some days it will be less than 5.I didn’t even really put much thought into this until recently for some reason. But recently I have been wanting to put in work on PE exercises. I have started PE roughly 3 weeks ago and I have been quite consistent in doing it. About 2-3 days on, 1 day off, and repeat.

So my technique is

8-10 minutes of warm up.

30 kegals

Repeat 3 times

Wet jelq 50 reps for 3 sets (so total of 150 reps)
V Jelq 50 reps for 3 sets (150 reps as well)

And then warm down for 8-10 minutes

Now what are some supplements I should take along with this? Because I would really want to committ to what I’m doing, and I want to be consistent. I mean, some people doesn’t mind have a 5 inch penis but I guess I feel that I can be bigger.

Maybe a 9 inch would be out of reach, but my long-term goal is at least 6.5-7 inches.8 would be nice too.

Welcome Bane1. I suggest you taking pictures of your penis, so you can judge changes in the future.

I don’t think there is any supplement that could help gains. It seems you are doing (maybe) too many jelqs, how good are your PI’s?

My best wishes to you, and I want to suggest reading a very inspirational thread:

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

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