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I'm I on the right track?

I'm I on the right track?

Hey guys, I’ve been manual stetching for a month and a half, I also started hanging 2 weeks ago 2.5 lbs (up to 3.5 now). I manual stretch all though the day, and today I woke up and it feels like the base of my penis isn’t attached anymore lol. I know that sounds bad but it doesn’t hurt and I didn’t ‘pop’ a lig. Also I hung 3.5 lbs 1 set (no privacy) today and manual stretched all day(no pain just pressure). I don’t think I gained any length, if so it’s barely anything.

Just wondering if I’m on the right track or should I take a break?


I’d take a break should feel normal in about 48-72 hrs.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

Ok thanks, do you know what actually that feeling is?

If you’re not seeing a problem with your PI’s I wouldn’t back off yet. That’s just my opinion.

I’d jelq too.

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Originally Posted by quim92
I’d jelq too.

Seconded. At least light jelqing.

Well I can still get rock hard erections, so that must be a good sign?


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