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I'm Gonna Give It A Try

I'm Gonna Give It A Try

After reading through the forums I think I will definitely give pe a try. However, I still have a few questions; I tried the search option but what appeared didn’t really apply to me.


1. How hard should you grip your penis when jelqing? Is there such thing as not gripping your penis hard enough? I know this is a hard question to answer, but I’m very concerned about injuring myself. Also, after viewing the video on wet jelqing it looks as though he’s got a real firm grip on his penis.

2. My goal is to have an 3/4-1 inch increase in my erection is this a realistic goal?

3. What are bundled stretches? Once again I tried the search option but there weren’t any tutorials on this.
Thanks in advance

Last Warrior

0. Welcome to Thunder’s Place Warrior.

1. The point of the jelq is to move blood within the corpora cavernosa (CC) and keep it under pressure so that as you move the stroke toward the glans (head) the blood causes the erectile chambers to stretch a bit. With each stroke you use the movement of blood within the penis to ever so slightly expand the CC so that, over time, they enlarge. The grip has to be strong enough to keep the blood “ahead” of the moving grip and not let too much of it flow past the grip toward the base. You will be able to tell that your grip is tight enough when you can move the blood toward the glans and feel the pressure increase as you move along with the stroke.

2. Very obtainable. Probably even more.


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