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I'm gonna do it!


I'm gonna do it!

hello everyone!
I’ve been doing a lot of research on PE lately, and until i found this sight, i thought i’d have to give up $50 somewhere. Being a poor college student, this site’s a gold mine!

i’ve gotta admit…i’m approaching this whole thing w/ some skepticism, so i don’t think i’ll be letting my long-time girlfriend know for now….the real test will come from if she notices!

but for now….wish me luck and thank you to everyone in advance!

Good luck. Sounds like we are in the same boat.

What size are you starting with?

A little over 6” in legnth and i dunno about girth. I need to get some better measurements sometime later today so that i can start setting some goals for myself!

how long have you been doin PE? any changes yet?

This is my fourth week. I told myself that I wouldn’t measure for at least a month, but definetly feels harder and maybe a little bigger.

What are you going to do for your routine?

Some of the initial felings of thickness genuinely come from swelling caused by jelqing - don’t b too disheartened if you think you’ve shrunk after a 3 day layoff. Measure progress in terms of months.

You can't kill ideas with bullets!

i’m just doin the newbie routine for now and after a few weeks i’ll add some kind of girth exercise in there.

i think i’ll be steering clear from the pumping and weights….kinda freak me out

how ‘bout yourself?

good website!….it’s goin on the favorites! :-D

If i get the nerve, i’ll post some “starter” pics to motivate myself to sticking w/ the program.

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As a newbie just stay with the basics. Read, read, read and understand PE well. I was freaked out by weights (hanging) at first, but eventually learned more about it and now safely do that.

obviously, this whole community is a support group, but are there any newbs that just started within this week to form a support group for each other? Because w/ my time schedule, i’ve got a feeling i’m going to be needing it!

Hey ksu_guy,

Welcome to the forum! It really is a gold mine, isn’t it?

We do have a few rules though, if you could click the FAQ button at the top of the page and read the forum guidelines your stay will be more pleasant, and involve less of the spelling police!


Yeah, that sounds like a good idea ksu_guy. What exactly did you have in mind?

I’m not entirely sure. lol. The reason I brought this up was because (like I said above) I don’t have a lot of time inbetween classes and whatnot and it’d be pretty easy for me to say “I‘ll just skip it today.” So I just figured if I had a smaller group of people that started PE around the same time as me, it’d be easier for me to stay on track. Plus, that way I wouldn’t have to come on here and force everybody to listen to me whine about whatever reasons I‘m not sticking to my routine. lol. but like I said….just a thought.


Good luck gaining, and welcome aboard! If you stick with a program, gains will surely come. Be sure to capitalize where appropriate, or the moderator man/woman will be on your case. :p

hey ksu

I’m also fairly new to PE also. Having pumped off and on (read infrequently) for a year or so with no permanent gains, I also was skeptical about permanent PE.

I can tell you that in 6 weeks I’ve added 11mm (0.44 inch) to my BPEL, which I am delighted about, especially because I have started at a really low level of intensity and will work my way up.

One thing I learned from years of lifting weights, and having to “retire” through various injuries, is that to create a specific adaptation through imposed demands (SAID Principal) you must continually add stress to the relevant body part, and you must do it gradually to avoid injury.

In PE, this would relate to 1) time, and 2) intensity. In order to continue to add these stresses, it make sense to me to start low, increase with time, and change/add components to your workout when you reach a plateau. Keeping regular record will tell me early when I plateau.

Sorry to add my rambling to wishes of good luck, just wanted you to know that it does work!

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